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  • portugal


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    Greece had a nice song all that marie antoinette sh!t non withstanding


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      I liked how roger waters tried to sway Duska in boycotting Israel.

      That poor fool didn't know eurovision was is and always will be above politics. Just people getting together listening to music having a good time.
      And there are a bazilion Greek artists whoi kick pink floyd in the ass. Easily.


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        Portugal SHOULD have been in. So dissapointed. People just didn;t get it beccause of the costumes and because israel pushed the gay agenda so much (to spite muslims) that people thought that portugal was about that too. so sad.

        and yes balkans kicked ass.


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          portugal for the win godaammit


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            wow that has got to be the most celebratory fiesta of a eurovision beggining haha!

            also tel aviv is crazy, some people with huge hair (I really thought they were in drag or something) were protesting against some women in their underwear lololol

            let's goooooooooo


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              Ok the netherlands won and congratulations. I liked the song.
              I will tell who the winner is for me later one.

              Some observations: Germany got 0 points from the publc. I like proteus and the other zerman guy a lot but europe does not like germany. That's over. 0 points. That's simply staggering.

              North macedonia got alot of points from wishy washy national committees who wanted to say they are happy the issue was resovled but the public was indifferent.

              How come they let the icelandic nazis open banners of palestine inside the arena? I hated them for being nazi now they are provocative too. Go freck a whale.

              Greece plummeted compared to previous shows. Very acceptable.
              the UK still finished last

              man europe really really REALLY doesn't like the UK

              and the winner of the eurovision for me was....



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                the netherlands guy wrote a song about a girl he knew that she was waiting for love but it never came and she died.
                that's respectable and he did pass it through in his song

                the italian guy was talking about his ex how she is like how you doing but all she really wanted was money

                the first is more dignified and sensitive

                and nothing can really beat northern mediterannean swag


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                  I was wrong. actually I had it carried over to me wrong

                  I can't stop listening to this song..........and I didn't know why

                  and I don't even speak the language I didn't know what it said, and it was raported wrongly to me


                  Music/art can really shatter all barriers/languages/frontiers....