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  • hypocritical

    not bu the barbarian meaning (or modern greek for that matter) of the word To be fake. like trump's fake news. the ancient meaning. hypo = under, below, kritis = crisis = to JUDGE. you judge from below. FRECKING THEATER. I know my kin discovered it but I had never partaken in it. Now I do. and it is a reverlation. also french. man. they rule the world

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    ****ing theater. 3.000 years on. still lives on


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      WE discovered everything. We ARE everything. Greek culture. The languaqge drips like honey from the lips. Your dark esoteric deamons manifest themselves on the scene. Humour, iron.y How the french buttfreck the english since times immemorial. European culture. Addictive. Like heroin


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        Also stage rush? is this a thing? walking in a supermarket and your mind registers everything. You are in a stateof happiness. The song that plays makes sense. The lady with the little dog makes sense. The immigrants make sense. Everuthing makes sense and has its place. You are everything and you belong


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          You are on stage and you realize you make dozens of people laugh, think, stare. You play with the language like pasterine. The ancients knew what the freck they were doing. THANKS


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            the teacher said" that 's what we look for. unadultareted unfiltered performance. spontaneous. I said are you kiddingme? he said no