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    sat on his throne in babylon and said" what a bumper. I have conquered everything. There is nothing else to conquer" I feel him

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    Did he?

    IIRC he only turned away from further conquests when he got his horse killed and was nearly killed himself by the indians who played unfairly ba using elephants
    Had he wanted to conquer more, he just should have given india a second try
    (well, maybe he would have done so, hadn't he been killed so untimely by poison or some kind of disease)
    Tamsin (Lost Girl): "I am the Harbinger of Death. I arrive on winds of blessed air. Air that you no longer deserve."
    Tamsin (Lost Girl): "He has fallen in battle and I must take him to the Einherjar in Valhalla"


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      Originally posted by Bereta_Eder View Post
      sat on his throne in babylon and said" what a bumper. I have conquered everything. There is nothing else to conquer" I feel him
      stop being such a barbarian.
      להזמין ש‬ל הזבוב, Trained by Ba'al.


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        "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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          Originally posted by ZEE View Post

          stop being such a barbarian.
          But it's sooo Fun!
          I am not delusional! Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go dance with the purple wombat who's playing show-tunes in my coffee cup!
          Rules are like Egg's. They're fun when thrown out the window!
          Difference is irrelevant when dosage is higher than recommended!


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            to proteus: well plutarch said he sat and watched his empire and saw it was vast and then he wept for "there was nothing more to conquer". I paraphrased it. to aeson: FYROM is not actually vexxing to the average greek. It's simply the UN recognized name of FYROM. It has everything, former, yugoslav you name it. Now of course the Fyromulans have rejected the referendum to enter the federation, sorry NATO I mean, which means there are more russian inclined than previous thought? who knows. More nationalist than previous thought? who knows. These people of slav origin language have an attribute that most of my compatriots have ignoed and I thin that if put front center it would help things a lot: they are very VERY funny


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              Fyromulans are so funny. First they come to an agreement with Greece on the name (because big shots wanted them to join NATO becuase Russia is spreading its DNA all over the balkans). The US secretary of defesne goes there and says: it's a big day for nothern maceodnia come join NATO. the leader of NATO comes also and says it's a grat opportunity come join NATO. germany EU US NATO UN WTO hell EVERYONE came to FYROM. Fyromulans said: *fart* hell no WE WON'T GO g'damn son. You're not macedonian, but you sure are balkan