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Quote 'bout dem Kapitalismus by ol' Erich Fromm

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  • Quote 'bout dem Kapitalismus by ol' Erich Fromm

    "In contrast to most other societies in which social laws are explicit and fixed on the basis of political power or tradition--Capitalism does not have any such explicit laws. It is based on the principle that if only everybody strives for himself on the market, the common good will come out of it, order and not anarchy will be the result. There are, of course, economic laws which govern the market, but these laws operate behind the back of the acting individual, who is concerned only with his private interests. You try to guess these laws of the market as a Calvinist in Geneva tried to guess whether God had predestined him for salvation or not. But the laws of the market, like God's will, are beyond the reach of your will and influence."
    Fromm also condemned the Soviet system already in 1955, making him more clear-sighted than at least a large part of Finnish decision-makers.

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        Did the statue rant non-stop for hours on end?
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          I think we didn't have a birthday thread for Marx 200.