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Going out with my PT - mistake or not?

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  • Going out with my PT - mistake or not?

    OK. So I am feeling fairly good since the longest time.

    I think I should date again. Or have some new friends.

    SO I went ahead and asked my PT, if she'd like to go out with me. I said I am not looking for a date, but we've known each other for 3 years and she knows all my weaknesses (mentally, emotionally and physically), and I consider her my friend and would like to hang out. Go for a glass of wine, dinner, whatnot.

    I actually am undecided if I want a date with her or friends hangout time. For me, I am not dating per se. If I am going to be, it will start with a friendship thing anyway. If I cannot be friends, dating won't work. She has said the same thing to me. She also kind of approached me couple of times in the past. She has told me about her dates-gone-bad and basically lots of things usually shared with friends. As have I. I even told her, in panic, that I met this Brazilian woman once, had sex, and she is stalking me (which she was, she had her friend call me to work after I blocked her from harrasing me). Only after I told her I'll call the cops on her ass did she leave me alone, she knew I meant business. So my PT called me and gave me support.

    In fact she has always given me friendly support, and we've given each other advices on our personal lives. Or just opinions. I do kind of like her. I'd like her as a friend. She is NOT an airhead, and she hates being miscategorised due to having had tons of success in fitness (she's a former champion). Now, she trains people for healthy style of working out. Not fitness competitions. I was a bit troubled, but we've known each other a long time, I like her, I think she likes me, so why the hell not? It's only a glass of wine or just hanging out for a night. She suggested this weekend. Of course she's gorgeous but I would hate to lose her as a friend or PT. Rather, I'd like her as a friend. So I asked her out. Mistake or not? Your thoughts?
    In da butt.
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    have fun


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      Pekka, I think you should become a monk. But not just any monk... a Penis Monk.

      Your goal is to meditate on and spread the word of the powarful Pekka-Penis™. It will set you free.

      Trust me Pekka, I have nevar given you bad advice before.
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        Originally posted by AAHZ View Post
        I have nevar given you bad advice before.
        Hmm, AAHZ has a point there...
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          Ah waht the heck, go for it.
          Life is short. Better to try than to regret.
          It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
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            Since you have known her for three years yes.
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            • Pekka
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              I reckon the same reasoning. She's had my back and I've hers. Not outside the gym, but we've emailed, messaged, and called on a regular basis. Mostly just regular stuff, some personal stuff as well. So the "line" has been crossed a bit, anyway. Dunno how I really feel about her, but I guess there's only one way to find out. She read my email immediately and it took her an hour to reply. She usually replies within minutes. I guess she thought about how to rephrase the "Yes" part. It was shot and sweet. Just sure, we'll go out, weekend is good, check my schedule and get back to you.

              IMO a really good reply. Leaves no wondering. She wants to go out, and suggested a timeline for it, which is fast. She's easy to go out with, I can hold a conversation and we've known for so long, so not worried about that. If nothing else, we can always ***** about shitty dates we have had.

              I am not sure if she has signalled me before about her shitty dates, I mean she is quite stunning (obviously), and in fact world class in her stuff. Now just a trainer but not like it just goes away in few years. So her "problem" is understandable. Men just want to have sex with her. She's had so many disappointments with that, and some guys are arrogant as hell. Whereas I am more respectful, take interest in the person. And sure, she might not be as intelligent as Dr. Lovely was, but she has other smarts. Such as emotional intelligence, less sadism, and if you're world class at something, you have talent, passion and intelligence in the field. Knows a lot about human physique. Not your average gym person by far. Also runs her own business and employees people. In other words, she is not stupid. So for me it is only consequential that she happens to be conventionally stunning. For some reason she thinks I'm smart, which is likely true comparing to her previous dates. But yeah, I think I want to see it as a date, and see if there's something there.

              And if it goes to hell, you all told me to do it.

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            Wow, Kid and I agree, I guess he's not always wrong.

            Good luck supercitizen. My one advice is to go slow (to reinforce her likely opinion that you respect her)
            It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
            RIP Tony Bogey & Baron O