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Austrian Economist testifies before the NY Fed

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    Promises kept by Obama: 179
    Promises broken: 68
    "South Africa is a shithole. It used to be a decent place." -Ben Kenobi
    "I've got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." - Donald J. Trump


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      Originally posted by gribbler View Post
      The people are too apathetic to exercise their power. Maybe voting should be made compulsory.
      compulsory voting doesn't solve the problem of voter apathy.
      "The Christian way has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found to be hard and left untried" - GK Chesterton.

      "The most obvious predicition about the future is that it will be mostly like the past" - Alain de Botton


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        Originally posted by HalfLotus View Post
        Earlier you said corporations drive policy, now you're saying public opinion does. Which is it?
        It's both, of course. Do you like having a democratic system or not? Because, the point is, that you seem to want to throw the baby out with the bath water. And it's not going to happen anyway. Americans (people) are never going to say, "it turns out we're too stupid after all, so please make all out decisions for us" despite the fact that that's the way they basically do it anyway.


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          Originally posted by Elok View Post
          History teaches us that, when our economy is in terrible shape after protracted war--especially when we're worried about inflation--we ought to trust an Austrian to solve all our problems for us.

          This belongs to an historical Top 10.
          In Soviet Russia, Fake borises YOU.