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North American Honey Bees - Proves Communism Does Not Work

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  • North American Honey Bees - Proves Communism Does Not Work

    North American Honey Bees - Proves Communism Does Not Work
    By Lance Winslow

    For years the North American Honey Bees have been battling problems with their larva and now we find the beehive civilizations collapsing in the United States. This is of grave concern because in many areas the bees account for some 60% of our agriculture pollinating needs. Without them crop yields will plummet. One has to ask why these civilizations of man's second best friend are collapsing.

    The reason is that Beehive Societies are Communistic in nature and communism is inefficient. Had these beehives been more capitalistic in nature they would have survived and thrived in the hives. This should be a lesson to mankind that if the Bees couldn't make communism work, what makes us think that human civilization that are communist would even have a prayer of survival?

    It is amazing that we are watching human civilizations reverting back to communism when we have the bees as an example of how communism spells disaster. Even more amazing is that past periods in human history show collapse after collapse of communist societies. Communism might be sexy to Hollywood, but like Hollywood the promise of communism is pure fantasy. For it does not work.

    It should be evident to all that we must prevent humans from going down this dead end road or continuing on the downward spiral towards communism, as there is no mistake as the vortex water flow flushes prosperity towards a sewage treatment plant. Great Nations like the United States should reject any and all social movements which move us closer to communism or socialism and we need to look no further than the North American Honey Bee species to tell us why.

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    Modern man calls walking more quickly in the same direction down the same road “change.”
    The world, in the last three hundred years, has not changed except in that sense.
    The simple suggestion of a true change scandalizes and terrifies modern man. -Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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    I saw two seagulls squabbling over a potato chip. Does that prove capitalism doesn't work? Or does it prove capitalism does work? I simply can't interpret my raw data.


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      I would assume this guy is parodying real commiephobes, but after all the things I've read, I just can't tell anymore. I mourn my loss of innocence.
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        Tasmanian Devils prove that capitalism works
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