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Blurry vision and Caffeine

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  • Blurry vision and Caffeine

    My thread title say it all; sometimes when I drink coffee/tea or energy drink, my visions become more blurry. Or it seems that my visions is affected by more noises(artifacts)...

    Is this normal? What's the cause?
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    High Blood Pressure I think.

    Jon Miller-
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      CrONoS, after his caffeine fix. I can see the eyes problem.

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          If your vision is effected by noise, you've got bigger problems than caffeine intollerance.
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            My vision goes blurry if I don't get enough caffeine.


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              Originally posted by Jon Miller
              High Blood Pressure I think.

              This answer would explain both the blurry vision and a sensitivity to loud noises in your vision. Caffeine will drive up your blood pressure. If your avatar is a picture of you, then you need to get to a Cardiac type right away. BP that high in a young man will kill him, guarenteed! (If it's some star unrecognized by me, forgive me. Anyway, see a doctor.)
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                I have something like that, only it doesn't happen till after I wake up, but i read about it, and i think it has to do with the caffeine flushing vitamins and stuff out of you. I also had something similar with some heavy duty hangovers, and the alcohol also flushes your vitamins and electrolytes out. Thats my guess anyway.

                P.S. the noise he is refering to is like light specs you see in a picture that was taken in the dark, not the noise you hear.


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                  Hello again, 4-year-old thread!
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                    Originally posted by Jon Miller View Post
                    High Blood Pressure I think.

                    Try for discussion and debate.