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Five Fingers *SPOILERS*

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  • Five Fingers *SPOILERS*

    Seen this movie? If not and wish to see it, there will be spoilers so dont read this thread.


    OK so I think the movie was pretty good, however, I was little disappointed by the hints. I mean, I guess the movie tried to portray the situation of the ending being a big surprise.

    But it wasn't. I guessed the plot half way in, when the interrogator played the phone tape. You think, well there's only two ways they got the tape, either he is the dude he tried to call, or they're the CIA.

    And if he was the dude he tried to call, and with the connections he claimed throughout the movie, it would be an easy conclusion that he is not the dude, not knowing the 'banker'.

    Even if he would have been the dude, it wouldn't have made sense to play the tape and hint that he might be the man. THere would have been no reason to do it. Furthermore he would risk it by possibly giving out info of them being the CIA.

    So after that you just pick up clues and come to the conclusion that this is classic turning tables situation, and then they start claiming you are CIA? No way man.. that's to say 'prove you are terrorist', and it's them having 'communication problems' .. I don't think so.

    An at the very end it was even too obvious, write down names. Man, if you were ready to kill him, and then you agree to write down names as well, doing it the same time, it implies you do not knwo the names, why?

    Because even if you did write them down the same time, it wouldn't matter what you write. These names are wrong? so what, you are the prisoner. It doesn't really matter. So they must be the CIA. And if he really wanted to protect the info, there would have been better ways to confirm, as in, I write the first part of the first name, and you complete it or give me another name or part of it. That way you would both know if you both know the names or not. He didn't even suggest it. So it was pretty stupid.

    In real world situation I'm not saying it was stupid, who knows what kind of pressure you go through, I'm saying in the sense of movie, it gives you too much info to guess who really is who too early.

    But still, it was pretty good. But the fact that they were in the US, THAT was a surprise. I thought they would have just kidnapped him into some other close by country.
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