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Spanish civil war familiy memories

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  • Spanish civil war familiy memories

    Did your grandmother ever talk you about her experiences during the civil war?
    I think it would be a great idea to put all theses histories in common. I'm going to try to start it with my bad english.

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    My granfather lived in a very little rural village so he had several differents jobs. He was a olive farmer, a shopkeeper and a shoemaker. One time before the civil war started a rich land owner asked him for a pairs of shoes. My grandfather took measures of his client foots and he make a shoe insole so he would do more shoes for him in the future. Of course my grandfather made him a pretty pairs of shoes. One year after the civil war started and the village was in red-zone. One day the rich land-owner and all his family appear killed, he was found with his foots cut off. The assasins were not known. Years passed and everybody thought that foreigns anarchist would be the murders but nobody said or make anything because everybody was frightened. Some years after the war ended one villager sent him a pair of shoes for reparations. He recognize theses shoes because he made it with his own hands some years ago. He must be sure so he used the shoe insole that he had kept all that time and it fit exactly into the shoes. There were no doubt. These were the shoes he made for the rich land owner. Theses shoes were worn by the rich land owner the day he was killed. His foots were cut off to take off theses shoes from the body corpse. Perhaps the murder was the villager that now was asking him for reparation or perhaps this villager bought the shoe to the real assasin. He never knew the truth. END


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      Really interesting!!!

      It's a very good idea Flip , unfortunatelly I have nothing to tell


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        My story told me one of my old aunts (i miss you ) . when she was 12. In 29th of May of 1937 some republican fighters attacked the Nazi Battleship "Deustchland" in Ibiza. In renvenge, the 31st of May a German fleet ignored the "non intervetion pact" and bombed Almería. My aunt explained me the bombing.
        She said that she started to heard explosion and everybody went out their houses (it was the 5:30 or 6:00) to know what are happening and saw that somebody were attacking the city. One of the bombs destroy the oil depot of the seaport and everything started to fire and a big dark clouds involved the city. After the destroying of the oil depot and the coastal batteries the battleships started to bomb the civilian buildings, and destroy most of the Almeria´s centre, seaport suburbs and some bomb fell into the outskirts (200 bombs were shoted).
        While the bombing happened my aunt with a lot of families started to go up to the Alcazaba (Almeria´s castle) to refugied from the bombs, I remember that in this moment she cried a little remembering this, she said me that looked the city from the way to the castle and it looked as "the day of the final judgment", all the city was firing and everybody were crying and shouting.

        31 people died and there were a lot of injuries.
        This fact is less known than Guernicas one but it could be the starting of the WW2 because Germany attacked a city without a militar objetives and broke the non intervetion pact.


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          I also have a few stories about it, and most of them are very sad. My family was very deeply touched by the war. Although Franco did not kill any of my family members in the post-war era, he did send some to prision just for being rojos (that meaning not having aligned with the Movimiento during the war). My grandfather was imprisioned for 2 years. His crime? He belonged to the ARDE, a CHRISTIAN republican party (Center with today standards). Her wife, my granfdmother was in prision for almost one year. His crime? To be married to a rojo. One of my grandfather's sisters (she's still alive) was sentenced to death (later commuted to prision for life) just because her fiancee was a CNT member...

          These painful stories are the reason why the stupidities of spoiled brats like Gianni (OTF) have bothered me sometimes so much. But hey, I also had family on the fascist side, I guess like eveyone else.


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            so what did your grandpa do?
            I have made this question to my grandmother several times but she never replies me. I think that as my grandmother village is very small and everydody knows everybody it would be very risky at theses times to said nothing without been involved. And the justice wasn´t very fair in the post-war so what could he do?

            People died injustly in both sides, there were lot of anger hided and it exploded during the war. I think my family was lucky and do not suffer to much during the war.