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    Dygash wandered down the empty hallway, his heavy cloack falling behind him, pulled across the ground. It's deep red fabric rich and soft to touch. In the center of the cloack the symbol of the Conclave Bible, and consequently the Believer's faction symbol, had been stiched. The beautiful curves arching to form the sacred cross. It's reverent design was in honour of the magestic stain glassed windows which insulated many of the greatest chapels in the order that could afford the glass, still a precious commodity. Under the cloak Dygash wore Plasma armour, the colour identical to that of his outer garment. It's metal carcass bulging under the massive frame of the Believer. Connected at the neck was the helmet, styled like that of the romans, it was practical and had saved his life many a time.

    Dygash continued down the stone hallway, his metal boots crunching on the old stone. His pace was swift with long strides, carrying him across the ancient cathederal's labyrinth of hallways, deep into the centre where the father waited for news.

    Eventually he came to a halt at an old rich wooden door with the conclave symbol carved magnificently in the center. Dygash quickly made the sign of the cross, hist hands punching the body armour. Then he knocked.

    The reply was almost instantaneous.

    "Enter young Dygash"

    He pushed at the door and the well oiled hinges swung back gently revealing a small chamber. Well lit with synthetic oil lamps giving the room a pleasent shade. Scattered around were bookcases and shelves and on one end a comfortable wooden bed. At a desk Father Jasud sat, the massive armchair seemed to swallow his frail old body shrunken by the years. But age had not diminished him. Father Jasud glowed with inept beauty. His long silver hair covered at the base by his priest cap and a long blood red robe etched with the cross in the center. He painted a beautiful picture of solidarity and wisdom. The man's glasses had slipped to the bridge of his nose giving the appearance of one looking down at a pupil when in reality Dygash stood high above him as he sat there. Then there was the smile. It was that smile that won the masses, that smile that had won him Dygash's devotion.

    "How have you been Dygash?"

    Dygash knelt before the man and kissed the priests ring. The old man fussed.

    "You young fool take a seat and stop trying to make an old man feel revered"

    He grinned as he said it, it was infectious. Dygash grinned back and carried an armchair back over, putting it opposite Father Yasud.

    "How did you know it was me?"

    "No one except you has a heavy hand enough to cause my bookshelves to dislodge dust like they do when you knock on that old door"

    Dygash chuckled.

    "Now how long has it been since your last confession?"

    "2 months and 6 days father"

    "You just arrived back from the field i take it?"


    "What are your sins?"

    "We were patrolling on the Western Desert when we were ambushed by Hive security presumably exploring the sector. I...l killed eight of their men before they fled."

    "Eight my word that is a hard accomplishment. No doubt you recieved abstonance before you left New Jerusalam however i assure you the Lord God forgives you for your actions. The Lord doth know that the Hive need to be punished and subdued for their crimes against humanity so know that by killing those men it was his hand at work, you were merely his weapon. Stand tall Dygash for you are a formidable weapon to him."

    "Thank you Father, i did recieve astonance however i still did not rest easy with the burden"

    "Have you seen Jenna yet?"

    "No father i came straight here after we made our mission report. How is she, is the baby well?"

    "Why i'm suprised your commanding officer has not informed you. Jenna gave birth to a beautiful daughter 3 days ago. She is at the hospital, but i saw her only yesterday and she is doing very well as is your daughter so have no fear. Jenna said she had been reverantly praying for your safe return and it seems that God has heard her pleas."

    "This is truely good news, i...i am a father. I knew this was coming but i still was not prepared, a daughter you say? God has truely blessed me."

    "Now that you have been given such a gift perhaps you should consider some other future!"

    Dygash pulled a a face.

    "I'm not sure i follow you"

    "I recently met with a good friend of mine Bishop Fio who mentioned in passing that they were looking for a diplomat to approach the Gaians with a Treaty of Friendship. It may mean moving to a Gaian colony as an Ambassador. I hope you don't think me rash but i recommended you. You are a warrior i know, but you have great tact, and none can question your faith and obidience to the church. We are lucky to have one such as yourself. And now that you have a beautiful daughter this would be the perfect oppertunity for you to leave the battlefield behind and forge a secure place for you and your family in New Jerusalem. You have the makings of a great leader Dygash. You must simply learn how things work to utilise those inate skills."

    "I must think on this"

    "Of course. Go now, see your daughter, and let me know when you are to have the naming ceremony."

    "I would be honored if you would conduct it father"

    "It would be my pleasure"

    "Thank you father, may the Lord bless you, have a good evening."

    And with those words Dygash rose and left the cathederal and stepped into a new life.
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    There is always a beginning...

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    Damn i posted this in the wrong section, can a mod move it to Diplomacy please? I dunno how it ened up here, silly me!
    There is always a beginning...


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      Diplomacy? Are you sure this isn't meant for a AC related forum?
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        well it was kinda my intro as a diplomat but if you want it moved to the fiction section then its ur call.
        There is always a beginning...


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          I say we turn it into an NES anyway! I get to be the USSR!
          Lysistrata: It comes down to this: Only we women can save Greece.
          Kalonike: Only we women? Poor Greece!


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            sorry i didn't get that!
            There is always a beginning...


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              ok some one moved it here, but i don't know why this is not a...never ending story or anything it's just an introduction for me playing a believer in the democracy game!


              Thought about it a bit and figured it could possibly be a good NES been in a few before so i'm up for it, but i'm sorry to inform you that the USSR doesn't exist in Alpha Centauri unless we radically change the 'fundemental principles upon which the universe is built' (quoted from Zak, the russian god of AC hehe) which i okay with as long we have a good idea what countries are etc. Whatever, if this gets any responses and stuff i look forward to playing.

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              There is always a beginning...


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                Whoah I didn't think you;d take that seriously. Yeah I'd be very interested in turning this into an NES.

                Re USSR

                We can always create one. You see Communism is so evil that it can infect minds across the galaxy, that's why McCarthy fought so hard against it. He knew the true power of the dark side.
                Lysistrata: It comes down to this: Only we women can save Greece.
                Kalonike: Only we women? Poor Greece!


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                  bp, there's this little entity called The Hive. You'd fit right in as Shenji Yang. Or perhaps Foreman Domai of the Free Drones
                  Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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                    All reccomendation and no link.
                    Lysistrata: It comes down to this: Only we women can save Greece.
                    Kalonike: Only we women? Poor Greece!


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                      Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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                        Ahhh yet again my lack of Civ knowledge on a Civ forum leaves me helpless.

                        Yes the Hive sounds exactly like the kind of government that I both fear and fawn over. I like how they get an immunity to inefficiency.
                        AS IT SHOULD BE
                        Lysistrata: It comes down to this: Only we women can save Greece.
                        Kalonike: Only we women? Poor Greece!