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    hmmm, so is someone really going to do this? A CFC mod and an Apolyton mod?

    WW2 would be cool, as would an industrial althistory.

    How would the players be selected if there were more than 4 people wanting to veteranship?


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      There's room for more than 4 players. There is a finite amount of room, so the spots may be filled up, in which case it will be first-come first-serve with the proviso that a reasonable amount of commitment is expected. I intend to release the rules and backstory and ask for players. Once player signups are closed, I'll edit the map to fit the number of people, make or edit the country stats as necessary, and start 'er up.
      I don't really know how two mods would work out.

      Actually, a mod who does military resolutions and random events in the late game could work (I don't know how fun that would be for that mod, though). The early game is pretty plot-driven.
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