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Frontier Imperial Dip 1 Fall 1867 Moves

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  • Frontier Imperial Dip 1 Fall 1867 Moves

    USA (Lionheart) (+ Bgt)

    F Sct - Sw. Pacific (Bounce with Japan)
    F Kirbati S F Sct - Sw. Pacific
    F E. Pacific S F Kirbati
    F Haw S F N. Pacific - Westerlies
    F N. Pacific - Westerlies
    F W. Bay - N. Pacific
    F W. Coast S F W. Bay - N. Pacific
    A Uta H
    F P. Basin - C. Basin
    F Glp - P. Basin
    F GoPanama S A Pan - Bgt
    A Pan - Bgt
    A Hon - Pan
    A Gtm - Hon
    F W. Car S A Pan - Bgt
    F GoMexico S F W.Car
    F Cub S F Hai
    F Hai S F Cub
    F Bha S F Sargasso
    F E. Seaboard S F Sargasso
    F Sargasso S F N. Atlantic
    F Chesapeake S F N. Atlantic
    A Ohi S A Tnn
    A Tnn S A Ohi
    F C Current: H (Unordered)

    Brazil (Chazzy) (- Bgt)

    F-B.Current> Drake
    F-FLK S F-B.Current > Drake
    F-CoArgentina H
    A-BGT S A-LMA (Support Broken, Dislodged, Retreats to Clb, Brc, or Mit)
    F-QTO H

    England (His Divine Shadow) (- Del)

    1. F A Atl sup F S Atl to Goodhope
    2. F S Atl to Goodhope
    3. F Ctn to Dml
    4. F Trn holds
    5. F W Indian sup F Jva to SE Trades
    6. F NE Monsoon sup F Jva to SE Trades
    7. F Jva to SE Trades
    8. F Sum to E Indian (Bounce with China)
    9. F Mds to Hyd
    10. F Cey to G of Manaar
    11. A Bom sup F Mds to Hyd
    12. A Del to Lck (Bounce with China, Dislodged, Destroyed)
    13. A Mdh sup F Mds to Hyd
    14. A Raj sup Del
    15. F N Atl to Canary
    16. F Dub to N Atl
    17. F N Passage to Norwegian
    18. F North sup Den
    19. F Skg to Baltic
    20. F Swe sup F Skg to Baltic
    21. A Den holds
    22. A Fin sup Swe
    23. F Bering holds

    France (the_orange1)

    1. F-Ion S Austrian F-Gre > Aeg
    2. A-Kie S A-Hol
    3. A-Hol S A-Kie
    4. A-Rou > Nan (Bounce)
    5. F-Biscay > Nan (Bounce)
    6. F-Azo S F-Biscay
    7. F-Canary > M.Atlantic
    8. F-Vrd S F-Canary > M.Atlantic
    9. A-Vlc > Mrc
    10. A-Mrc > Tir
    11. F-Alg S A-Vlc > Mrc
    12. F-W.Med C A-Vlc > Mrc
    13. A-Tun S F-Alg
    14. F-Sic S F-Ion
    15. A-Mdo > Elj
    16. F-Vrg S F-E.Car
    17. F-E.Car S F-Vrg
    18. F-Prm > Cyn (Bounce)
    19. F-NE Trades > Cyn (Bounce)
    20. F-M.Atlantic > S.Atlantic
    21. F-G.Guinea S F-M.Atlantic > S.Atlantic
    22. F-Sgr S F-M.Atlantic > S.Atlantic
    23. F-S.Pacific S US F-Sct
    24. A-Agl > Cng
    25. A-Moz S A-Agl > Cng
    26. F-M.Channel > H.Africa (Bounce With Ottoman)

    Holland (Moves by GM) (- Srw)

    A-Srw S F-Bor (Support Broken, Dislodged, Destroyed)
    F-Bor S A-Srw
    A-Bot S A- Rho
    A-Rho S A-Bot

    Austria (Defiant)

    A-WRS > MOS (Bounce with China)
    A-MOS > PRM
    A-BER > HOLD
    A-SR S A-RMN
    A-SOF > HOLD
    F-GR > AEG (Bounce with Ottoman)
    F-BOS(ec) S F-GR > AEG
    F-ADR > GR (Bounce)
    F-CRT > ADR (Bounce)
    A-ROM > HOLD

    Ottoman (Victor Galis)

    A Krc H
    F Ban S A Krc
    F Persian S A Krc
    F Oman-Arabian Sea
    F Red Sea-Horn of Africa (Bounce with France)
    A Khv H
    A Twr S A Trp
    A Trp S A Twr H
    A Tbq S A Trp
    A Ken H
    F Somalia S A Ken H
    F Black-Sevastopol (Bounce with Austria)
    F Con-Sof(ec) (Bounce with Austria)
    F Aeg S F Con-Sof (Support Broken)
    F Cre S F Aeg
    F EMed S F Aeg

    China (Ruffhaus8) (+ Kg, + Del, + Fm)

    A Perm supports A Georgia - Moscow (Dislodged, Destroyed)
    A Georgia - Moscow (Bounce with Austria)
    A Omsk supports A Orenburg - Georgia
    A Orenburg - Georgia (Bounce)
    A Krasnoyarsk - Orenburg (Bounce)
    A KSL supports A Krasnoyarsk - Orenburg
    A Bokhara supports A Krasnoyarsk - Orenburg
    A Tashkent supports A Bokhara - hold
    A Khirgistan - Krasnoyarsk (Bounce)
    A Sinkiang - Yunnan
    A Tibet supports A Kashmir - hold
    A Kashgar supports A Kashmir - hold
    A Kashmir supports A Lucknow - Dehli
    A Lucknow - Dehli
    A Hyderbad - Lucknow
    A Bengal supports A Hyderbad - Lucknow
    A Bangkok - Malaysia
    F Gulf of Manaar - East Indian Ocean
    F Andaman Islands supports F Gulf of Manaar - East Indian Ocean
    F Andaman Sea supports F Gulf of Siam - Java Sea
    F Singapore supports F Gulf of Siam - Java Sea
    F Gulf of Siam - Java Sea
    F South China Sea - Formosa
    F Yellow Sea convoys A Seoul - Kagoshima
    A Seoul - Kagoshima
    A Wuhan - Fuc
    A Nei Mongol - Vladivostok (Bounce)
    A Kamchakta - Vladivostok (Bounce)

    Japan (Charger, filling in for MDR) (+ Srw, - Fm, - Kg)

    F Se. Trades-Sum (Bounce with England, Dislodged, Destroyed)
    F Timor-Cel
    F Java-SRW
    F Sunda-S F Java-SRW
    F Celebes-S F Java-SRW
    F Luzon-S F Sunda
    F Barrier-S F A.Pacific
    F A.Indian-S.E.Trades (Bounce)
    F A.Pacific- S F S.W.Pacific
    F W.Pacific-S F EO. Countercurrent
    F EO.CounterCurrent-S F Sw.Pacific
    F Kuril-Hold
    F S.W. Pacific-S F EO. Counter Current (Support Broken)
    F Bismark-Izu
    A Sk-Holds
    F Sau-Holds (Unordered)
    F Prt-Holds (Unordered)

    Invasion Report

    USA took Bgt and nets 2 builds

    Austria nets 1 Build

    China took Del, Fm, and Kg and nets 5 builds

    Japan Took Srw and nets no builds

    SC Report

    USA - ORG SFR CHI DET WDC RCM ATL NOL AUS MAZ NYO MXC MER SCT Neb Wsh Nme Kan Okl Bha Haw Cub Hon Hai Glp Pan Bgt - 26
    Brazil - BRA RDJ OLI FLK REC Lpa Prg Uru Lma Brc - 10
    England - VNC QBC NVS LON EDI BOM ANC CEY JVA SUM DUB TRN CTN Vct Grn Nor Den Swe Alb Mds Yuk Mad Mld - 23
    France - NAN PAR MRS CRS MNV GCS CYN PRM RUH HOL GB Pie Ivc Vrd Sic Tun Vrg Cmn Okn Vlc Sie Kie Mrc Azo Srg Sey - 26
    Holland - BOR Bot Rho - 4
    Austria - VIE VEN CRT BUD BER SIL SOF PRS WRS SEV MOS STP Rom Sr Sal Bav Rmn Stu Gr - 19
    Ottoman - CAI CON CYP ANG BAG ADE Ban Cre Bku Sud Trp Oma Teh Aby Krc Khv - 16
    China - MNC PEK SHA CAN WUH CHK SNK PA HK CMB CCH VLA IRK OMS ORN GRG SP KG DEL Tnk Brm Ben Yut Ran Bnk Seo Fsn Kas Mls Tsh Amn Fm - 31
    Japan - SAP EDO OKI PRT Luz Crl Mnd Mhl Ija Ngu Sk Que Nsw Fij Nze Srw - 16

    Player contacts

    GM- Du_Chateau
    Email - du_chateau@yahoo
    ICQ - 44369275

    Britain - His Divine Shadow
    Email -
    ICQ - none

    France - The Orange One
    Email -
    ICQ - 109943271

    Holland -
    Email -
    ICQ -

    Austria - Defiant
    Email -
    ICQ - 46172786

    Ottoman - Victor Galis
    Email -
    ICQ - 47756253

    China - Ruffhaus8
    Email -
    ICQ - 63418710

    Japan - MDR
    Email -
    ICQ - None

    Temporary replacement - Charger
    Email -
    ICQ: none

    USA - Lionheart (Orange)
    Email -
    ICQ - 91875872

    Brazil- Chazzy
    Email -
    ICQ - none


    Russia (Stefu/Ubercheesecake/Boshko) - Spring 1867

    Mexico (His Divine Shadow) - Spring 1865

    Prussia (Bearcat) - Spring 1863

    CSA (Secretariat) - Fall 1861

    Retreats are due ASAP
    Builds are due at 5:30 PM PDT Saturday
    Spring 1867 moves due at 5:30 PM PDT Saturday June 29, 2002

    P.S. Check for Errors
    P.S.S. Press is still voluntary.
    P.S.S.S. Builds are in the invasion report
    Last edited by Du_Chateau; June 21, 2002, 13:10.

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    Now there is something the Archduke of Austria did not expect, the invasion of Japan by China.
    Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

    (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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      Now if I can just hire a Serbian anarchist to provide the archduke with another thing he does not expect
      "The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists."
      -Joan Robinson


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        Since Orange is gone, I'll do this turn's map. Please check for accuracy.

        Quick observation Du... China takes Formosa from Japan for a total of 32 supply centers (28 units) and should have 4 builds. Japan loses Formosa and has 16 supply centers and 16 units for no builds. Again, please check for accuracy.
        What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.


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          Retreat and errors

          Brazil Retreat

          A: bgt - Brc


          Austria gets Prm but China still bounces in Mos

          China gets Fm and gets 5 builds instead of 3

          Japan gets no builds instead of 1

          Map has no errors except for retreats and the one correction.
          Last edited by Du_Chateau; June 21, 2002, 13:33.


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            Corrections noted, map is updated. However, if we can please assure that the map is correct BEFORE the deadline next time it might help in planning moves.

            Note for the amusingly aware Archduke: "Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly...." (and thanks for the extra build!)
            What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.