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    I've played Diplomacy before, but not extensively. I just happened to come to this site from The Frontier.

    Are there any games? Any house rules I need to know about?
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    Hi Clark and welcome.

    There are a couple of replacement positions up for grabs in some of our games and it would be great if you could take one of them up. Just go to the threads:

    Frontier Imp Dip:
    Originally run in conjunction with The Frontier, it seems to be mostly Poly folk now. Run on a world map, Brazil is definitely in need of a new player and Japan might be too (can someone confirm or deny that?)

    Dip 50 Imp Dip:
    Holland and France are definitely free, but there may be others....

    Apocralypse Dip:
    Someone said there was also a replacement needed here (Larry?)

    Otherwise, there are new games which start up every once in a while, but the best way is to throw yourself straight in as a replacement rather than waiting around.
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