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ACS Dip 65: Medieval Diplomacy Essential Information

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  • ACS Dip 65: Medieval Diplomacy Essential Information

    Medieval Diplomacy Special Rules
    -- Units may be built in any controlled SC, not just home SC's
    -- Land bridge between Morocco [IDR] & Gibraltar

    Playable Nations:
    Byzantine Empire [turquoise]
    Denmark [sea green]
    England [red]
    France [blue]
    Holy Roman Empire [gray]
    Kievan Russia [orange]
    Muslim Arabs [green]
    Poland [purple]
    Spain [yellow]
    Sweden & Finland [white]

    Current Players: (2 needed)
    Al Awrence
    Chris Wilkinson

    Gamemaster Contact Information
    AIM Handle: scallops25
    ICQ UIN: 16775847 (On sparingly)

    The Ground Rules:

    -- I am a firm believer in giving players a lot of time between moves for diplomacy. (This is partially because my schedule is so hapazard; partially because moves often take a lot of time to plan, especially if people cannot be on all that often.) There will always be a move submission period of at least 5 days for regular seasons and 2 days for builds, disbands & retreats. In the early weeks of the game, the submission periods will usually be longer. I will send reply confirmation of any orders I receive.

    -- There are only two means by which I will accept orders: via private message, or by e-mail at my Hotmail address. I will not accept orders via AIM, ICQ, or at my Civgaming address. AIM/ICQ is too unreliable for me, and I want to keep my Civgaming address for e-mails regarding the CGN site only. If you send your orders by e-mail, the subject line of the message must contain the words "Medieval Diplomacy". I use filters to keep my e-mail in order (since I get a lot of it). If you don't write this, the filters will not find it in the spam and it will be easy for me to miss.

    -- If I do not receive orders by the appointed time, I will grant a 24-hour grace period. Once that 24-hour period elapses, I will adjudicate at the earliest possible opportunity. I will not send out reminders to stragglers, and I am not afraid to NMR. Don't make me do it to you. If you NMR, all of your units will hold. If you NMR again, the game will be paused and a replacement will be found.

    -- Each player has the right to request a deadline extension without regard to the reason one time, at any time (even mere minutes before deadline). I will only accept the following as excuses for additional deadline extension requests: 1) death 2) torture 3) any circumstance resulting in 1 or 2. I'm joking, of course, but I will want to know why. Requests for extensions can be made via e-mail, PM, instant messaging (when I'm available), or by posting in the game's most recent thread.

    -- I will do power rankings, and I will post any press e-mailed or PM'd to me (again, if you e-mail it, it must have the words "Medieval Diplomacy" in the subject line). I will try to add my own press from time to time, but I'm not much of a Middle Ages history buff, so those postings will be extremely sparse if they occur at all.

    -- I don't do maps. I am horrible at art, and I don't have the patience to learn all the nuances of Photoshop or PSP. Orange has volunteered his services as the mapmaker for this game. Any complaints about the map (i.e. inaccuracies, delays in its release, viewing problems, etc.) should go to him and not to me. One request though from the GM: Orange, if you're going to attach your maps to your posts, please use a map small enough so that I don't have to use scrollbars to see the whole thing. I hate scrollbars.

    I request that everyone please post their contact information (e-mail, AIM, ICQ) here. Additionally, if you like, you may e-mail or PM me one choice for the nation you would most like to play. Country assignments for the game will be based on these selections plus a handy little invention called a die.

    Good luck to all in advance!
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