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Dip 61 Day of Apocralypse Reminder

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  • Dip 61 Day of Apocralypse Reminder

    Only two sets of moves in...

    Offending parties have been notified via e-mail because I was feeling surprisingly christmasy today.

    Get 'em in, they're due tomorrow!!!

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    Larry, how about listing the retreats so I can do my moves I have been waiting for you to list Germany's retreat from Munich????????
    Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

    (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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      you should probably extend being Christmas eve and all, not many people are thinking about Diplomacy. What about the 27th?
      "Chegitz, still angry about the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991?
      You provide no source. You PROVIDE NOTHING! And yet you want to destroy capitalism.. you criminal..." - Fez

      "I was hoping for a Communist utopia that would last forever." - Imran Siddiqui


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        Hey Hoggy, got your email , and am ready to send in orders but I would also like to know Germany's retreat. They could obviously change upon seeing his retreat !


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          Aw, shyte, I clean forgot about retreats...

          Moves have been extended til Dec 28th.