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Clash of the Titans Spring 265 b.c.

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  • Clash of the Titans Spring 265 b.c.

    Alright , now that the first 2 weeks of baby orientation are over we can get back to business.

    EGYPT ( Snowfire )

    F-Sea of Alexander>Ptolemaic Sea
    F-Alexandria S F-Sea of Alex>Ptolemaic Sea
    A-Libya>E.Sahara ( bounce 1v1 )
    A-Memphis>Thebes ( bounce 1v2 )

    SYRIA ( Orange_1 )

    A-Desert of Palms>Jerusalem
    FAntioch>Lycian Sea
    F-Coele-Syria>Seleucid Sea
    F-Naxos>Cretan Sea
    F-Rhodes S F-Naxos>Cretan Sea

    MACEDON ( Ruffhaus )

    A-Emporiae Hold
    A-Insubria Hold
    A-Roma Hold
    A-Brundisium Hold
    F-Mare Ionium S F-Magna Grecian
    F-Magna Grecian S F-mare Ionium
    F-Syrtis Major S F-Magna Grecian
    F-Ithacan Sea S F-Mare Ionium
    F-Myrtoan Sea>Aegean Sea
    F-Aegean Sea>Pergamum

    CARTHAGE ( Defiant )

    F-Capua Hoild
    F-Sinus>Mare Tyrrhenian
    F-Cretan Sea>Rhodes ( bounce/dislodged retreat to Knossos,KOS )
    F-Ptolemaic Sea>Alexandria ( bounce/dislodged retreat to Knossos,Minoan )
    F-Cyrene>Libya ( bounce 1v1 )
    A-Leptis>E.Sahara ( bounce 1v1 )
    A-Thebes S A-leptis>E.Sahara ( support cut )
    A-Syene S A-Thebes
    F-Mare Internum>Carthage
    F-Mamertines>Mare Internum
    F-Syracuse Hold

    I have a draw proposal to be voted on this turn . It is a 3-way between Macedon/Carthage/Syria . Please send in a yea or nay to me or just post your reply to the thread.

    We have a few retreats this turn so Defiant just turn them in to me for posting. Fall 265 moves will be Tues. Nov 27th. Any questions or errors please contact me .

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    My retreats are reflected on the Map.
    Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

    (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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      Well, I would vote no, except for the fact that if everybody else does vote yes they could easily crush me like a bug. So take my vote as a grudging yes.

      However, watching an attempted Macedonian solo run will be enjoyable, so those wishing for my amusement will vote no.
      All syllogisms have three parts.
      Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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        Ahhhhh, there you have it guys a " Grudging Yes ! ". I still need moves for the fall along with votes fellas. I will keep my comments to myself :=]