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Dip 62: Not So Newbie Diplomacy Spring 1902 Results

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  • Dip 62: Not So Newbie Diplomacy Spring 1902 Results

    Dip 62: Not So Newbie Diplomacy Spring 1902 Results

    Sorry this is short, has no press and no contact list, but I'm going on holiday in a few hours, so it's the best I can do.


    Russia (End Is Forever)
    F-StP (nc) > Nwy (ok)
    F-Swe S F-StP (nc) > Nwy (ok)
    A-Mos > StP (ok)
    A-Rum > Bud (*bounce*)
    A-Gal S A-Rum > Bud (*support cut*)

    Austria (Victor Galis)
    A-Vie > Gal (*bounce*)
    A-Bud S A-Vie > Gal (*support cut*)
    F-Tri H (ok)
    A-Ser S Turkish A-Bul > Rum (*no such move, dislodged, retreat to Alb, OTB*)

    Germany (ColDark)
    A-Kie S A-Hol (ok)
    A-Hol S French A-Bur > Bel (*no such move*)
    F-Den > North (*bounce*)
    A-Mun > Ruhr (*bounce*)
    A-Ber > Mun (*bounce*)

    Great Britain (Defiant)
    F-Norway S F-Lon > North (*support cut, dislodged, retreat to Ska, OTB*)
    F-Edi > Norweigan (ok)
    F-North > Hel (ok)
    F-Lon > North (*bounce*)
    A-Bel S French A-Bur > Ruhr (ok)

    France (November Adam)
    F-Mar > GoL (ok)
    F-Spa (sc) > Wms (*bounce*)
    A-Por > Spa (ok)
    A-Bur > Ruhr (ok)
    A-Par > Bur (ok)

    Italy (Taurus)
    A-Rom > Tus (ok)
    F-Tun > Wms (*bounce*)
    A-Tyr > Pie (ok)
    A-Ven S A-Tyr > Pie (ok)

    Turkey (SITS)
    A-Bul S A-Gre > Ser (ok)
    F-Bla S A-Bul (ok)
    F-Con > Aeg(ok)
    F-Smy > Ems (ok)
    A-Gre > Ser (ok)


    Retreats have been made, but please post here if you want to change them. Autumn 1902 orders will be due Thursday 15 November at 1159 GMT. Thanks.
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    Yeah, Alb will do.
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