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onion dip s1907 moves

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  • onion dip s1907 moves

    F Smy -> Eas
    F Alb -> Adr
    F Tun -> Wes
    F Ion -> Tun Bounce, 1:1
    F Tyn S F Tun -> Wes
    A Ukr -> Gal
    A Mos S german A War H
    A Gal -> Vie Bounce, 1:1
    A Tri S A Gal -> Vie Broken
    A Rum S A Ser -> Bud
    A Ser -> Bud
    A Ven H

    F Edi -> Nrg Bounce, 1:1
    A Yor S A Lon
    A Lon S A Yor

    F Eng -> NTH
    F NAt -> NWG Bounce, 1:1
    A Wal S F Lvp
    F Lvp S A Wal
    A Den -> Swe
    F Mar -> LYO
    A NAf -> Tun Bounce, 1:1
    F WES -> TYN Bounce, 2:1, dislodged, can retreat to Spa or MAO
    A Par -> Bur
    A Mun -> Tyr
    A Sil S (German) A War
    A Pru S (German) A War
    F Nwy H

    Italy, NMR, moves made up by Boshko
    A Vie S A Bud -> Tri Broken
    A Bud -> Tri Bounce, 1:1, Dislodged, destroyed
    F Apu -> Ven Bounce, 1:1
    F Nap -> Rom

    Germany & Russia hold

    map at

    France, your retreat ASAP!!
    Gnu Ex Machina - the Gnu in the Machine

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    R: Spa
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      Map updated!

      Fall deadline monday!
      Gnu Ex Machina - the Gnu in the Machine


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        Ouch, I paid for that! Game set and match Taurus


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          He may have won the battle but he has certainly not won the war.

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            Of course I haven't won the war yet, there would be no game if I did.

            But !

            I won a battle that will lead to my victory in the war !

            Mwahahahaha !

            "There's room at the top they are telling you still, but first you must learn how to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill" - John Lennon

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            -Douglas Adams