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Dip 53 African Diplomacy Autumn 2007 Results

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  • Dip 53 African Diplomacy Autumn 2007 Results

    Dip 53 African Diplomacy Autumn 2007 Results

    Ivory Coast continues to paint the world green, and there seems to be little anyone can do about it. Now sitting only 3 SCs away from the coveted solo, the result looks fairly obvious from here. Elsewhere, Ethiopia got stung hard from all sides, while South Africa holds the stalemate line well in the south.


    Ivory Coast Ruffhaus8 (green)
    F-Wms > Ise (ok)
    F-Ita SUPPORTS F-Wms > Ise (ok)
    F-Tri > Ben (ok)
    A-Esd SUPPORTS F-Tri > Ben (ok)
    A-Cha > Kpi (ok)
    A-Cam > Caf (ok)
    A-Caf > Kis (ok)
    A-Kis > Mmo (ok)
    A-Gab > Cba (ok)
    F-Mao > Goc (*bounce with Goc*)
    F-Gog SUPPORTS F-Mao > Goc (ok)
    F-Goc > Sea (*bounce with Sea*)
    F-Ang SUPPORTS F-Goc > Sea (*support cut*)
    F-Kin SUPPORTS F-Ang HOLD (ok)

    Saudi Arabia Defiant (light red)
    F-Ems HOLD (ok)
    A-Egy > Eri (ok)
    A-Ken > Aab (ok)
    A-Sud SUPPORTS A-Ken > Aab (ok)
    A-Kha SUPPORTS A-Ken > Aab (ok)
    F-Goa SUPPORTS A-Eri > Dji (ok)
    A-Eri > Dji (ok)
    F-Rse CONVOYS A-Egy > Eri (ok)

    South Africa End Is Forever (orange)
    F-Swa SUPPORTS F-Sea (ok)
    F-Sea SUPPORTS F-Nam (*support cut*)
    F-Nam SUPPORTS F-Sea (ok)
    F-Sio SUPPORTS F-Swa (ok)
    A-Bot > Ang (*bounce with Ang*)
    A-Moz > Tan (*bounce with Tan*)
    A-Zam SUPPORTS A-Moz > Tan (*support cut*)

    Ethiopia El Awrence (yellow)
    A-Aab SUPPORTS F-Dji (*support cut, dislodged, retreat to Som, OTB*)
    F-Dji HOLD (*dislodged, retreat to Som, OTB*)
    A-Uga SUPPORTS A-Ken (*no such move, invalid*)
    A-Ken SUPPORTS A-Uga (*no such unit, move invalid*)
    A-Tan (*unordered, HOLD*)

    Zaire Gerwald, proxied to Ruffhaus8 (blue)
    A-Lub > Zam (*bounce with Zam*)

    Libya Hacksaw (red)
    Eliminated in 2003

    Map is at:

    GM COMMENTS: Two retreats due from Ethiopia, one must go OTB, the other can go to Som. Can I have these in ASAP please (within 24 hours) just post it here. Builds/Disbands will be due Saturday 18 August at 1159 GMT, although if you put "final" on your orders, I will adjudicate sooner if I can.

    Home SCs are in capitals
    Total SCs: 36
    SCs needed for solo: 19

    Ivory Coast
    16 SCs
    FRE, ABI, OUA, Sen, Tim, Nga, Cha, Mor, Spa, Tun (L), Tri (L), Ben (L), Kin (Z), Kis (Z), Gab, Ang
    2 builds

    Saudi Arabia
    9 SCs
    DAM, MEC, RIY, Gre, Egy, Ira, Kha, Aab (E), Dji (E)
    1 build

    South Africa
    7 SCs
    PRE, CTO, PEI, Nam, Zim, Zam, Mad
    No change

    3 SCs
    SOM, Uga, Tan
    1 disband (depending on retreat)

    1 SC
    No change
    "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"