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  • Indefinate Leave

    I'm just posting this message so that you don't thik I did a vanish act on you. I have fallen to the overcommitment plague, and right now, I'm still trying to sort out how to use my time. I'm sorry to annouce that I must leave indefinately, until I have my time in better control. I thank you for your patience. RUFFHAUS please deduct the appropriate ammount of points for abandoning all the games I was in. If no player can be found, continue to deduct points for NMRs. Thanks. With luck, I wll be back by September, or sooner. You may see me online on Apolyton every now and then. I'm just dropping in and seeing how the community's changed. Don't mind me.

    *grumbles about work*

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    It happens to us all. Get your stuff together and haul your a$$ back here with a quickness! You were finally really getting the hang of the game, and it would be a shame to see you let it go. Seriously though, good luck getting RL under control again. Later.
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      I know what you mean about lack of time and order, but I sill forced my self to visit poly instead of dealing with real people, learning or doing tests.

      So I expect you back here quick!

      Post in OT too, since many people there are wondering...