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Dip 53: African Diplomacy Autumn 2005 Results

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  • Dip 53: African Diplomacy Autumn 2005 Results

    Dip 53: African Diplomacy Autumn 2005 Results

    Sorry for the delays, but the game should be back on track now. This turn sees the continuing ascendancy of the Ivory Coast, moving ever closer to a solo. The war with South Africa may have reached a crucial point with the capture of Angola, and South Africa’s woes were further compounded by a timely stab from Ethiopia, who take control of Tanzania (again!). Elsewhere, there was stalemate between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi presence in the Horn of Africa looks to be fairly comfortable. There seems to be an uneasy ceasefire in the north between Ivory Coast and Saudi, although this could just be the calm before another storm. Zaire holds on with 1 SC, but the room for manoeuvre is getting limited.


    Ivory Coast – Ruffhaus8 (green)
    F-NAO > MAO (*bounce*)
    F-WMS SUPPORTS F-Tun > ISE (ok)
    F-Tun > ISE (*bounce*)
    A-Alg SUPPORTS Wsd > Tri (ok)
    A-Wsd > Tri (ok)
    A-Tri > Esd (ok)
    A-Esd > Cha (ok)
    A-Ngr SUPPORTS A-Esd > Cha (ok)
    A-Nga > Cam (ok)
    F-MAO > SWA (*bounce*)
    F-GOC > Ang (ok)
    F-Gab > GOC (ok)
    F-Kin SUPPORTS F-GOC > Ang (ok)

    Saudi Arabia – Defiant (light red)
    F-Ita SUPPORTS F-ISE (ok)
    F-ISE SUPPORTS A-Ben (*support cut*)
    A-Egy SUPPORTS A-Ben (ok)
    A-Ben SUPPORTS A-Egy (ok)
    A-Kpi > Kha (*bounce*)
    F-RSE SUPPORTS A-Kpi > Kha (ok)
    A-Som HOLD (ok)
    F-GOA SUPPORTS A-Som (ok)

    Zaire – Gerwald, proxied to Ivory Coast (blue)
    A-Zam > Bot (*dislodged, DESTROYED*)
    A-Lub SUPPORTS Ivory Coast F-GOC > Ang (ok)

    South Africa - End Is Forever (orange)
    F-Ang HOLD (*dislodged, retreat to Nam, OTB*)
    F-SEA SUPPORTS F-Ang (ok)
    F-SWA HOLD (ok)
    A-Ofs > Moz (ok)
    A-Zim > Zam (ok)
    A-Bot SUPPORTS A-Zim > Zam (ok)
    A-Tan SUPPORTS A-Zim > Zam (*support cut, dislodged, DESTROYED*)

    Ethiopia – El Awrence (yellow)
    A-Uga > Tan (ok)
    F-Ken SUPPORTS A-Uga > Tan (ok)
    A-Mmo SUPPORTS A-Uga > Tan (ok)
    A-Sud > Kha (*bounce*)
    A-Aab SUPPORTS A-Sud > Kha (ok)

    Libya – Hacksaw (red)
    Eliminated in 2002


    Total SCs = 36
    SCs needed for solo = 19
    Home SCs in capitals

    Ivory Coast – 14 SCs (ABI, OUA, FRE, Nga, Kin, Ang, Cha, Tim, Mor, Spa, Tun, Tri, Sen, Gab)
    1 build

    Saudi Arabia – 9 SCs (MEC, RIY, DAM, Ira, Gre, Egy, Ben, Dji, Som)
    1 build

    South Africa – 7 SCs (CTO, PEI, PRE, Nam, Zim, Mad, Zam)
    No change

    Ethiopia – 5 SCs (AAB, Uga, Kis, Tan, Kha)
    No change

    Zaire – 1 SC (LUB)
    No Change

    Map will be up tonight when I get back from work. Retreats and builds/disbands are due in on Wednesday 11 July at 1159 GMT. I’ve already retreated South Africa’s A-Tan to Nam, but would appreciate confirmation or you can retreat OTB.


    GM: The Orange One
    icq: 109943271

    Saudi Arabia: Defiant
    icq: 46172786

    Ethiopia: The Hogfather
    icq: 102139615

    Ivory Coast: Ruffhaus
    icq: 63418710

    Zaire: Gerwald (proxied to Ruffhaus8)
    email: see above
    icq: see above

    South Africa: *End Is Forever*
    icq: 33689665
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    Map is at:

    Please check for accuracy
    "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"


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      Grr... no-one told me of any proxy. Bah!

      Anyway, as for the moves, I believe that A Zim-Zam does succeed on the basis that the support from Bot was cut only by the Zambian unit - an invalid cut. Hence, South Africa has no further disband beyond the destroyed Tanzanian unit, and Zaire's Zambian unit is itself destroyed, and South Africa has 7 SCs.

      Do correct me if I'm wrong.

      F Ang retreats to Nam, as on the map.
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        You're right, sorry about that. I have ammended the orders, but won't be able to do the map until I get home from work. Not much to change though, so deadline stays the same. South Africa has no further disbands.
        "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"