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Dip 53 African Diplomacy Spring 2004 Results

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  • Dip 53 African Diplomacy Spring 2004 Results

    Dip 53 African Diplomacy Spring 2004 Results

    This turn brought more thrills and spills. Zaire continues to suffer under the onslaught of South Africa and now Ethiopia, ending the turn with only 1 SC left. After the elimination of Libya, the battle for North Africa is also heating up, with Ivory Coast taking round one over Saudi with the capture of Tripoli.

    Ethipian Government Condemns Saudi Treachery!
    Addis Abeba.- President Umfoloze of the Ethiopian Kingdom condemned Saudi treachery at their disembarking into Djibouti of a land army from their pestilent peninsula.

    South Africa - *End Is Forever* (orange)
    F-Nam > Ang ok
    F-SEA SUPPORTS F-Nam > Ang ok
    A-Bot SUPPORTS F-Nam > Ang ok
    F-SWA > GOC *bounce*
    A-Pre > Zim *bounce*
    A-Zam > Zim *bounce*
    F-Mad > SIO ok
    A-Tan HOLDS ok

    Ethiopia - Hogfather (yellow)
    F-Ken > Som ok
    A-Caf > Kis ok
    A-Sud > Aab *bounce*
    A-Uga SUPPORTS A-Caf > Kis ok

    Ivory Coast - Ruffhaus (green)
    A-Alg > Tun *bounce*
    A-Wsd SUPPORTS A-Esd > Tri ok
    A-Esd > Tri ok
    A-Cha > Esd ok
    A-Oua > Ngr ok
    F-Spa > WMS ok
    F-NAO > Mor ok
    F-MAO > NAO ok
    F-Abi > MAO ok
    F-Gab > GOC *bounce*
    F-Kin > Ang *bounce*

    Zaire - Gerwald (blue)
    A-Kis > Mmo ok
    A-Moz > Zim *bounce*
    A-Lub SUPPORTS Ivory Coast F-Kin > Ang ok

    Saudi Arabia - Defiant (light red)
    F-Riy > Oma ok
    F-Dam > EMS ok
    F-GOA > RED ok
    F-Tun SUPPORTS A-Ben > Tri *support broken*
    F-ISE > Ita ok
    F-Tri > ISE ok
    A-Ben > Tri *bounce*
    A-Egy > Ben *bounce*
    A-Mec > Egy *bounce*
    A-Dji > Aab *bounce*

    Libya - Hacksaw (red)
    Eliminated in 2003

    Map is at:

    Please check for accuracy.

    No adjustments required, so straight onto the next round. Autumn 2004 moves are due Thursday 14 June at 1159 GMT.


    GM: The Orange One
    icq: 109943271

    Saudi Arabia: Defiant
    icq: 46172786

    Ethiopia: The Hogfather
    icq: 102139615

    Ivory Coast: Ruffhaus
    icq: 63418710

    Zaire: Gerwald
    icq: 63688157

    South Africa: *End Is Forever*
    icq: 33689665
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