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  • WM Advice Question.

    I have to admit that I was glad that due to an e-mail screw up, I didn't qualify for the second round (my order to collect another SC, ending at 2, got lost in traffic). I was far too busy at the time for another game. But it seems that they're down to me on the alternate list, so into Round 2 it is, if a bit late, and the best part is I have time for it now. Here's the map:

    I'm the 5-SC Germany. Basically the story of the map is a join French-German invasion of England which had the rather nasty side effect that France got most of the SC's and furthermore ruthlessly relieved Germany of the burden of governing Munich in Fall 1902, severly crimping that German style (had France waited on the stab, the incoming build from Sweden probably would have made it a fairer battle). Meanwhile Russia (allied with Austria) is busy cleaning up Turkey and has made some efforts at cleaning out Scandanavia for itself- mostly focused on the British, but while I haven't done ANY Diplomacy yet (still waiting for the change to be processed), I suspect that by now they may be allied with the French and seeking Scandanavia solely for themselves (moving A StP->Fin is never a good sign). This is bad- England and I cannot stand against France and Russia, the mightiest powers on the board, alone. On the bright side, Austria's been quite friendly to Germany so far, so maybe he can talk some sense into their Russian ally. An Italy played by no less august a player than Rick Desper has been ineffectually flailing at Austria and playing some fleet games while Austria conquered the Balkans, and also let the French come up to support their invasion by walking through Piedmont and then being supported by the Italians into Tyrolia.

    So, this has been all recap. It's game R2-15 if anybody wants to check the board. I would discuss some of my deeper thoughts on the game instead of just a history, but this isn't a private forum anymore, and, well, you never know. So if you're interested in some strategizing, feel free to chat with me on ICQ about it...
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