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ADCT01 Game C, Fall 1901

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  • ADCT01 Game C, Fall 1901

    Now THAT's more like it. Some nice action going on on both sides of the map. If you are Joe Average the nation, you got a bit more than 1 and a half builds this season.

    In other news, the citizens of Denmark hold a party to celebrate their independence from other powers, and discuss plans to erect large mountains in the country to insure it stays that way like their brother neutral Switzerland. Dissenters however have recommended the wearing of green instead and repeated use of words like "blarney" in an attempt to convince others that the land is now inhabited by the Irish.

    Austria (RUFFHAUS 8) (+Gre, +Ser) 2 builds. Gee I wonder what they are.
    F Albania - Greece
    A Serbia supports F Albania - Greece
    A Trieste - hold

    England (Reismark) (+Nor) 1 build
    F Norwegian Sea-Norway
    A Edinburgh-Denmark (*bounce*)
    F North Sea CONV

    Germany (Coug) (+Hol, +Bel) 2 builds
    Kie - Den (*bounce*)
    Ruh - Bel
    Hol S Ruh - Bel

    France (The Hogfather) (+Por, +Spa) 2 builds
    F MAO > Por
    A Mar > Spa
    A Pic > Bel (*bounce*)

    Russia (Chazzy) (+Swe) 1 build if retreat to Sev; if OTB 2
    F-Rum>Black (*bounce, dislodged: retreat to Sev, OTB)
    A-Ukr>Rum (*bounce*)

    Turkey (Taurus) (+Bul, +Rum) 2 builds
    1) A Con to Rum.
    2) F Bla carry A Con to Rum.
    3) A Bul Supp A Con to Rum.

    Italy (His Divine Shadow) (+Tun) 1 build
    F Ion to Tunis
    A Tuscany to Piedmont
    A Venice support A Tuscany to Piedmont

    Winter Builds are due Friday the 8th.

    And oh yes, the website:
    All syllogisms have three parts.
    Therefore this is not a syllogism.

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    I'll say it again...

    My new e-mail for things ADCT-related is
    CGN | a bunch of incoherent nonsense
    Chris Jericho: First-Ever Undisputed Champion of Professional Wrestling & God Incarnate
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      Russia retreats to Sev, if any of you care to change your builds due to that information.

      Speaking of builds, I have most, let's get the remaining ones in by Friday. If I get them in today, then we can ajudicate early.
      All syllogisms have three parts.
      Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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