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Clash of the Titans Spring 273 B.C

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  • Clash of the Titans Spring 273 B.C

    Spring 273 B.C. ( Let's get bloody )

    Well the moves are in and I must say there were a few surprises. Most of the time you can look at the map and pretty much tell which way players will go , but this time there was a few twists. To start , the Great Pharaoh threatens both Carthage and Syria, also Macedonia collides with Rome. So here we go guys ;

    MACEDON ( Ruffhaus )

    A-Pella > Epirus - BOUNCE 1v1
    F-Cassandreia > Euboea
    F-Kallatis > Thrace

    EGYPT ( Snowfire )

    A-Thebes > East Sahara
    F-Alexandria > Ptolemaic Sea
    F-Memphis > Bay of Pelusium

    SYRIA ( Polaris GL )

    A-Antioch > Phrygia
    A-Damascus > Galatia
    F-Tyre > Coele-Syria

    CARTHAGE ( Defiant )

    F-Panormus > Halycus
    F-Carthago > Magna Grecian Sea
    F-Leptis Magna > Syrtis Major

    ROME ( El Hogfather )

    A-Roma > Etruria
    A-Brundisium > Epirus - BOUNCE 1v1
    F-Capua > Liparae

    Due to the holiday weekend, FALL 273 B.C moves will be due on Tues. May 29th ! That gives all a good weekend to strategize and submit moves . Let's keep this game moving along at a good pace.

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    Bah, I'm not threatening the mighty Seculid Greeks, now am I, Polaris? If I was threatening him I would have sent my army east, too. It's just that unfortunately a fleet on the Sea of Reeds would be pretty darn useless, so no Petra for me.

    Anyway, we expect our army sent south to head for Nubia will soon arrive and mercilessly conquer it, in preparation to move further south to conquer mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ptolemy SnowFire IV is really quite the mountain climber, you see.
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      Porcopater Cesare paced up and down in his palace in Rome when a messenger brought news about the campaigns.

      "What do you mean there was a Macedonian army heading for Epirus? Off to the lions with you, you vile unworthy little vermin!"


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        Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

        (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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          Emperor Polaris is quite upset at the mess-up of one of his moves.
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            Just a reminder that moves are due in 24 hrs. and I have 2 of 5 sets in.


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              Sent via PM.


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                Got them , Thanks


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                  Sent mine via PM a while ago and you received them.
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