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San Andreas Falls Dormant

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  • Defiant
    Italy's EOG:
    I first want to say thanks to Lordstone for the mapmaking ability, for it was a terrible map to try and keep accurate and you did an excellent job.
    This was my first earthquake Dip game and I really liked it, it was fun. I didn't care for my position as Italy but I just don't like Italy.

    My initial move was to isolate Turkey and take him over while building a defensive perimeter against France for the inevitable. Well my planning couldn't have gone any worse. Turkey and I for two seasons in a row wrote the same orders thus cancelling each other out. Hate to admit it, but after that I started to panic, if Italy doesn't grow quickly she usually dies.

    Austria started to die to Russia and Turkey and I wanted a piece of it, I got it, Trieste and then I got my ass eliminated in Tri and now it turned to scrambling time for Italy and defensive seismic orders against everybody. I must admit that was my only fun after a while, the moves became predictable. At this moment I had Napoleon slamming my door from the back, Victor playing front force attack on me and Middy? playing cat and mouse with me on my southern border, what was left of it.

    It was only matter of time until the collapse of the Italian empire, but I enjoyed this game and would play it again with only a great mapmaker, that is a huge part of the game.

    Thanks to all for this game.

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  • Victor Galis
    Excellent... one less game to seek a replacement for myself in

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  • LordStone1
    Oh, and of course, these were the last submitted seismic orders, but the ground has quieted down, and these will never be carried out, much to the relief of Europe.

    England (Ruffhaus)
    Kiel and Munich separate, Helgoland Bight and Berlin connect

    France (Napoleon)
    Venice and Switzerland separate, Tyrolia and Trieste connect

    Italy (Defiant)
    Rome and Naples separate, Adriatic Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea connect

    Russia (Victor)
    Edinburgh and Norwegian Sea separate, Clydesdale and Norway connect

    Turkey (WarVoid)
    Livonia and Gulf of Bothina separate, St. Petersburg and Sweden connect

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  • LordStone1
    started a topic San Andreas Falls Dormant

    San Andreas Falls Dormant

    The great faults underneath Europe have fallen silent as the coasts and mountains gradually grow still and solid. The peoples of Europe breathe a sigh of relief as the Age of Earthquakes comes to an end in Summer 1906. However, they have new challenges to form as they struggle to rebuild their nations. Austria and Germany are mere memories, while France now becomes the only nation open to the Atlantic. Canals will have to be built reconnecting the North with the Norwegian and the Channel; as well as the Adriatic with the Ionian. Constantinople faces an uncertain future being separated from the rest of Europe, while the Balkans must deal with the inevitable economic boom that will come with the Danube. Stunning vistas with Helgoland Bight's sea level and the Swiss Alps' awesome heights separated by mere kilometers will attract millions of visitors. England and France now remain inexortably linked by the London-Lowlands Isthmus, and the Baltics now become brethen with the Swedes. And what about the barrier between France and Italy? Rome and Carthage have united and Italy now becomes the crossroads of a thousand cultures.

    And the nations themselves? After six long years of war, they now return to their tasks.

    San Andreas has concluded in a four-way draw between Russia (Victor), Turkey (WarVoid), England (Ruffhaus), and France (Napoleon). Italy (Defiant) remains the sole defeated nation.

    Suppose the natural empires of 1900 arose again in Fall 1906? This is what they would look like: