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Grey Dip Fall 1913 Results

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  • Sed
    Turkey has to agree, sadly... :-(
    Was hoping to get wme this turn, but alas, no such luck.

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  • Sed
    France here. Concur with the above suggestion. Sorry Turkey - you are are stalemated. MUN, MAR, STP are all firmly in the hands of the Grand Alliance. You don't even have nor can you take TUN. It is over.


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  • Sed
    Ready to draw yet, Turkey? Since it seems you're nicely leaving us Tunis...

    I propose that until Turkey sees the light of day we all submit standing orders of

    FF NAf S IF Tun
    IF Tun H
    IF WMe S F Tun
    IF Spa (sc) S F WMe
    IA Mar H
    BA Gas S IA Mar
    BA Bur S GA Mun
    BA Ruh S GA Mun
    BA Bal S BF Ber
    BF Bar S BA StP

    Britain is of course free to move his army into Kiel so that he can take Munich.

    Turkey, this is a stalemate line. Accept the 4-way draw.

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  • Bosh
    started a topic Grey Dip Fall 1913 Results

    Grey Dip Fall 1913 Results
    get in spring orders ASAP

    A Gas S (Italian) A Mar
    A Bur S (German) A Mun
    A Ruh S (German) A Mun
    F Ber H
    F Kie S F Ber
    F Den-Bal
    F Nor-Swe
    A StP H
    F BAR S A StP
    A Bel-Hol

    F Mao - Naf
    A Par S A Bur

    Turkey (3 builds)
    F Lyo - Wme (move fails)
    F Tyn S F Lyo - Wme
    F Ion - Tun (move fails)
    A Mos S A Ukr - War
    A Ukr - War
    A Gal S A Ukr - Mos
    A Pru - Ber (move fails)
    A Sil S A Boh - Mun
    A Boh - Mun (move fails)
    A Tyr S A Boh - Mun
    A Pie - Mar (move fails)
    F Apu - Nap
    A Rom S F Apu - Nap
    F Aeg - Gre

    F WMe S F Tun (support cut)
    F Spa (sc) S F WMe
    A Mar H
    F Tun S F WMe (support cut)

    Russia (1 disband, Russia dies)
    A War H (unit dislodged, Russia dies)

    Austria (1 disband, Austria dies)
    A Nap H (unit disolodged, Austria dies)

    A Mun H

    Russia was Reismark and Austria was Imran