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ADCT: The Tournament of Champions - S1905

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  • ADCT: The Tournament of Champions - S1905

    Ah, this is one of the moments that Diplomacy lives for--the stab! It happens to every one of us. We're moving along nicely in the game, then our most trusted friend and ally turns right onto us. First, there's the shock, as you wonder, "Wait, is this right? Did this happen? Let me make sure..." Then you realize it happened..."What's this in my back? Oh my god, it's a knife." And then you begin experiencing waves of anguish as you realize your units strayed too far, left your homeland defenseless, and you think, "Why didn't I see that coming!? How could I have been so blind!" And finally, the eventual mood of hopelessness as you realize that your units might as well as be a bajillion miles away and that your homeland'll collapse fast. And there's nothing you can do about it but drop all your plans and rush back to your capital and keep it from falling. Ain't Diplomacy great?

    Austria (Gibster)
    A Tri-Alb (dislodged; destroyed)

    England (Ruffhaus)
    F Lvp-NAO
    F Lon S F Edi-Nth
    F Edi-Nth

    France (Chazzy)
    F Eng S (English) F Edi-Nth
    A Ven H
    A Mar S A Par-Bur
    A Pic S A Par-Bur
    A Par-Bur
    F MAO S F Eng

    Germany (Berzerker)
    A Kie S F Hel-Den
    F Hel-Den (fail)
    F Hol S A Bel
    A Bel H
    A Bur-Mar (fail; retreat to Gas, Ruh, Mun)

    Italy (Iain Lindley)
    F Nap-Ion (fail)
    F Tyn-Tun
    A Tyr-Ven (fail)

    Russia (Defiant)
    A Nwy H
    A Den H
    F Ska S A Den
    A Vie S A Bud-Tri
    A Gal-Bud
    A War-Sil
    A Bud-Tri
    A Rum-Ser (fail)
    F Sev-Bla
    A Mos-Sev

    Turkey (Talon)
    A Alb-Tri (fail)
    A Ser S A Alb-Tri (broken)
    A Bul-Gre
    F Ion-Tyn
    F Aeg-Ion
    F Adr S F Aeg-Ion

    YES, CLICK ON THE LINK! IT WORKS! Thanks, Gibsie, for the tip.

    I need Germany's retreat now. In the meantime, we'll be scheduling our deadline for Fall 1905 moves for Tuesday, March 6th, 2001.
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    Well, LS... look now you can tell the games apart. Seismic is the one where RT is still going strong
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      German A Bur retreats to Mun.

      Map updated.
      The honorary duty of a human being
      is to love, I am human and nothing
      human can be alien to me.

      -Maya Angelou