Feudal Diplomacy
By George "Polaris" Lyles

Game Map can be located here:

All original Diplomacy rules stand except for the ones modified by the following notes.

In Feudal Diplomacy, there are five players. Madrid, London, Paris, Rome, and Berlin. They are named after the cities, not the actual countries, because they act as "manors" for the game.
You will notice that each player begins with their home province being divided into four quadrants. This province is called a feudal family's "manor." Please note that units move into and out of the manors through the actual province border, and not the quadrant border. Therefore, a unit does not order to leave a certain quadrant of Paris to Rouen, but simply leaves Paris and goes to Rouen. Therefore, quadrant two of Paris can move to Rouen. The manors are unique in that they support two units. One of these units, at all times, is the "king" unit of the certain player (the player chooses one of its units in the quadrants and will tell the GM that its the king unit). Other players will not know this is the king unit until it must be disbanded or an attack is successful on it. The purpose of king units is a unit that does not need to be supported by a supply center to be used. Therefore, the manor sort of acts as two supply centers. However, if a player is forced to disband a king unit, they cannot get another one. If an attack on a king unit succeeds and the king unit is forced to retreat, the king unit looses its value and the player must capture an SC to maintain it without having to disband it.
If an enemy unit moves into a manor, the entire manor is not taken. That unit must hold in the manor for one full year. Therefore, if the manor is taken in a fall, it must be held onto until fall. Even then, only one of the quadrants falls. Two quadrants must fall in order to completely destroy a manor. If one quadrant has been taken, and the other one is not and the unit leaves the manor, the result is a forced disband of the king unit of that player. If both quadrants are captured, the manor has an opposite effect negatively on the player than it did before. Now if a player has 5 SCs, he/she can only have 4 units. A player can re-take their manor to get rid of this, but the king unit will be permanently gone.
NOTE: In conclusion on this issue, a player must hold on to a manor for two complete years to cripple them with what is called the Berzerk method in this variant.
The manor can also hold two units at a time. This is because it is such a haven for a player that the player must protect unless he/she wants to succumb the Berzerk method.
MAP NOTE: London and Brussels (LON and BRU) are connected via land bridge.
There are 26 total supply centers. In order to be victorious, a player must have 12 supply centers and at least three manors. The game is designed for a long and somewhat tedious, yet fun, game.


Please point out any flaws and I'll listen to them, and change them accordingly.

Just wanted to share this variant with you folks. I believe I told Defiant or someone I was designing it a while ago. I don't wish to begin a game of it until Shogun is finished, completely.


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