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  • Alien Dip Fall 2009 Results

    I screwed up...
    I need 3 disbands from defiant and three builds from snowfire

    Well since there's just one build and one disband and Defiant's probably going to disband one of the ORB armies, builds/disbands are due ASAP

    NIM Republic (Imran) (0 builds)
    A Den-Ham (move fails)
    A ORB-Ber

    Rap’tor (made up by me) (0 builds)
    A Nor-Swe (move fails)

    Tar’E (made up by me) (0 builds)
    A Swe-Nor (move fails)

    Federation (Defiant) (1 disband)
    bie s lit (support cut, unt dislodged, retreats to ORB)
    gda s lit
    war s bie
    cze s kra
    kra s bie
    orb-mos (move fails)
    lit s orb-lat

    UAN (WarVoid) (0 builds)
    A Par -> Orbit
    A Als -> Orbit
    A Ruh Hold
    A Hol Colonize
    F Eng -> Nth
    F Nth -> Hel

    Aquaticans (Iain Lindley) (0 builds)
    A Ser H
    A Bos S A Ser
    A Cro S A Ser
    A Aus-Slo
    A Hun S A Aus-Slo
    A Ven-Aus
    A Ham COL Ham
    A Fra S A Ham
    A Mun S A Fra
    A Swi S A Mun

    Laguzans (SnowFire) (1 build)
    A Gor COL StP
    A Stp->Lat (move fails)
    A Mur->StP (move fails)
    A Orb->StP (move fails)
    A Lat->Bie
    A Mos S A Lat->Bie (support cut)
    A CRP S A Lat->Bie
    A Kie S A Lat->Bie
    A Pod S A Lat->Bie
    A Ode S A Rum
    A Vol->Ura (move fails)
    A Orb->Alb
    A Orb->Mac
    F Adr S A Bul->Ser
    A Rum S A Bul->Ser
    A Bul->Ser (move fails)
    F ESa->Lib (move fails)
    F LBS S F ESA->Lib
    F Ion COL Apu (move fails)
    F Aeg S F Ion

    Protectors (Victor G.)
    F Nap S A Apu
    A Apu S F Nap
    A Alg S F Lib
    F Lib S F Mal
    F Mal S F Lib
    F Tys S F Mal
    F SAO H
    A Por-ORB
    A Bor S A Auverne
    A Auverne S A Lyon
    A Lyon S A Mar
    A Mar S A Lyon
    A ORB-Fin
    A ORB-Ura (move fails)
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    [This message has been edited by Dave Boshko (edited November 27, 2000).]

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    Don't I have 3 builds? I gained Bie, Mos, & Mur, and lost nothing. Also I count 23 centers for myself, and 19 armies...

    And I also count 5 SC's for Defiant but 8 armies, so wouldn't that be 3 disbands?
    All syllogisms have three parts.
    Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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      Yeah... that's right. Murmansk and Moscow should have green-coloured SCs.


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        I had both of my ORB's supporting Bie, can't I do that?
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          Well units in Orbit can only move, not support, but you had them move so it's legit anyway...

          Anyway, you had Warsaw & Krakow supporting Bielorussia, and I had an atttack from Latvia supported by 3 others (and Moscow, but that was cut), so it's 4:3.
          All syllogisms have three parts.
          Therefore this is not a syllogism.