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Apprentice Dip Spring 1904 Results

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  • Apprentice Dip Spring 1904 Results

    need retreats ASAP
    fall orders due Sunday

    Austria (WarVoid)
    Vie S Boh
    Boh S Vie (support cut, unit dislodged and destroyed)
    A Sil > Ber (move fails)

    France (made up by LordStone1)
    F Iri-Wal
    A Bre-Lon (move fails)
    F Eng C A Bre-Lon
    F Lvp S F Iri-Wal
    A Pic H
    F Mar H

    England (Midshipman)
    F Nth-Lon (move fails)
    A Edi-Yor

    Russia (Scott F.)
    1. A Nor S A Swe
    2. A Swe S A Nor
    3. A War -> Gal
    4. A Mos -> War
    5. A Rum -> Bud
    6. A Sev -> Rum
    7. A Ank S A Smy
    8. F Bla -> Con
    9. A Smy S F Bla -> Con
    10. F Bul S F Bla -> Con

    Turkey (Napoleon)
    A Ser - Tri
    F Aeg - Ion
    F Tun S F Aeg - Ion
    A Con - Bul (move fails, unit dislodged and destroyed)

    Italy (Barbarossa)
    A Ven-Pie
    A Rom-Apu
    F Ion-Aeg (move fails, unit dislodged, retreats to Adr or EMe)

    Germany (Shadowstrike)
    F Den S Hel -> Nth
    F Bel S Hel -> Nth
    F Hel -> Nth
    A Ber -> Sil (movef ails)
    A Mun -> Boh
    A Tyr S Mun -> Boh

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    You forgot F Wal.
    The honorary duty of a human being
    is to love, I am human and nothing
    human can be alien to me.

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      And so begins the tale of my epic destruction.....
      *grumbles about work*


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        A German fleet sailing in the North Sea pulls out Midshipmen before he dies and offers his a spot as cannon fodder.

        Soon the forces of the Tzar will be upon us. We must ally! (Sorry Mao for that blatent rip but...)
        *grumbles about work*


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          You sorry excuse for diplomats...


          Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
          The more you know, the more you realize you dont know - Shep
          Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
          The more you know, the more you realize you dont know - Shep


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            OK, sorry for not being able to send my moves.

            I'm on spring holidays since last wednesday 4:30 PM (GMT -3) and the new location of my parents' PC suffers from a magnetic field, which has made all earlier attempts from me to connect fail.

            My fleet on wales is missing.

            I can't see any of midshipman's units.

            Just for the fun of it, here is what i would have done:
            F Lvp -> Cly
            F Iri -> Lvp
            F Eng C Bre->Wal
            A Bre -> Wal
            A Pic H
            F Mar -> Lyo

            Indifference is Bliss


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              Orders due yesterday?!

              Indifference is Bliss


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                What do I have? I cant even tell.

                I guess I'm dead.

                *A Band plays "The World Turned Upside Down as Midshipman sinks beneath the waves*
                [This message has been edited by Midshipman (edited September 25, 2000).]
                But I kick that ball, and I pray it goes straight,
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                  that everybody should attack Austria, Italy and Russia.

                  OOPS! DID I SAY THAT ALOUD?

                  And i think MY plan is better than yours.
                  Indifference is Bliss


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                    OK, Austria is basically dead. Italy hasn't taken any SCs and Russia is all-powerful.

                    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to dodgew that incoming dagger...
                    *grumbles about work*


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                      Oh, we'll survive up here...
                      Indifference is Bliss