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Silent Dip V Fall 1907 Results

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  • Silent Dip V Fall 1907 Results

    new map:

    now Italy and France get one build each and Russia gets three. Sorry for the ****-up...

    Austria (0 builds)
    F Adr-Ion (move fails)

    Russia (2 builds)
    F GoB-Swe
    A Mos-Sev
    A Gal-Vie (move fails)
    A Bud S A Gal-Vie
    A Rum-Bul (move fails)
    F Bla-Ank (move fails)

    England (2 disbands, England dies)
    F Bre S Turkish F Eng-Mao (invalid support, unit dislodged and destroyed)
    A Pic H

    Italy (2 builds)
    A Ser S A Ven-Tri
    A Tri-Vie (move fails)
    A Tyl S A Tri-Ven
    A Tri-Ven (move fails)
    A Apu-Ven (move fails)
    F Nth-Lon (move fails)

    Turkey (1 build)
    F Eng-Lon (move fails)
    A Arm-Ank (move fails)
    A Con S A Bul
    A Bul S A Con (support cut)
    F Aeg-Ion (move fails)

    France (2 builds, 0 usable )
    F Mao-Bre
    A Par S F Mao-Bre
    A Mar-Bur

    Germany (2 builds)
    F Gre-Bul (move fails)
    A Hol-Bel
    A Kie-Den
    A Mun-Ruh

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    English EOG:

    Well beginning in Italy didn't exactly make things easy on me. I think I lost a unit at the very start. What I should of done was cut quickly through France and wait for my fleet. Instead I took the long way around Iberia, resting in Spain and Portugal, before I finally settled in France. And I waited and waited for Turkey to move out the English Channel, which never happened. So I tried to help him move into MAO, but I guess he decided to return to England which was my fate, because than the French fleet in MAO was free to take out my fleet in Bre. Which left my army in Pic without an SC. So a big sarcastic Thank You to the Turk who was my undoing.


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      Boshko, France has one usable build. You haven't shown the moves A Mar-Bur on the map...
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        Actually, Russia's move to Vie succeeds and has 3 builds. Italy attempted to move A Tri both to Vie and Ven (and the last listed order is to Ven, if you don't want it to hold), and even if you accept that it tried to move to Vie, then it was not supported into Vie (Tyl supported A Tri-Ven). The Russian move was supported.
        While diplomacy lurks in the heart of men, humankind shall always prosper...