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Alien Dip Spring 2005 Results

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  • Alien Dip Spring 2005 Results

    Fall Results Due Tuesday

    Aquaticans (Iain Lindley)
    A Cro S A Hun (support cut)
    A Hun S A Cro
    A Aus S A Hun
    A Slo COL Hun
    A Fra COL Fra
    A Mun S A Fra
    A Mil-ORB

    Rap’tor (Talon)
    A Nor->Swe (move fails)

    Universe of Allied Nations (WarVoid)
    F Eng > Bis
    A Bri S A Pic > Par
    A Pic > Par (move fails)
    A Als S A Pic > Par (support cut)

    Tar Egladilnai (Coug)
    Bal - Lit
    Swe - Nor (move fails)
    Stp S Gor (support cut)
    Gor S Stp (support cut)

    Tiara (Barbarossa)
    A Mad-Bar (move fails)
    A Nav S A Mad-Bar
    A And S A Mad-Bar (support cut, unit dislodged can retreat to Sve or ORB)
    A Gib H

    Foundation (Midshipman)
    F Adr S A Ser
    A Ser - Cro (move fails)
    A Rum - Pod
    A Bul - Rum
    A Sev - Ode

    Federation (Defiant)
    1.A-Pru > Sil
    2.A-Cze S A-Pru > Sil
    3.A-GDA COL Pru
    4.A-Kra S A-CZE
    5.A-Lat > Stp (move fails)
    6.A-Mos > GOr (move fails)
    7.A-Vol S A-Mos > Gor (support cut)
    8.A-Bie > Mos (move fails)
    9.A-Kha S A-Vol

    Centurians (Chaz)
    A_HOL Holds
    A-BEL>ALS (move fails)

    Laguzans (SnowFire)
    F WBS S A Don->Sev
    A Don->Sev
    A Orb->Don
    A Ros COL Don
    A Cau->Vol (move fails)
    A Kaz COL Sib
    A Ist->Bul
    A Gre S A Ist->Bul
    A Izm->Orb
    A Ank COL Ist
    F Aeg COL Gre
    F EME H
    F ION COL Alb

    Protectors (Victor G.)
    A Ice-ORB
    A Lyo S A Als-Par (invalid support)
    A ORB-Mor
    A Ven S Aquatican A Cro
    F SoG-SAO
    F WMe S A Bar-And
    A Bar-And
    A ORB-Bar
    A Auv S A ORB-Bar
    F GoL S A ORB-Bar

    NIM Republic (Imran)
    A(Ber) S A(Ruh)-Ham
    A(Den) Col Den

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