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  • Alien Dip Spring 2004 Results

    MISTAKE ON MAP: SnowFire's fleet should be in WBS not EBS

    fall orders due hmmmm, I'll be going to college saturday morning so try to get orders in before then. If you can't get orders in before that I'll adjudicate on Sunday when all the frosh are off geting oriented

    Aquaticans (Lindley)
    A Slo-Hun (move fails)
    A Aus S A Cro
    A Cro S A Slo-Hun (support cut)
    A Swi S A Mil
    A Mun S A Swi
    A Mil S A Swi

    Rapítor (Talon)
    A Orb->Lap

    NIM Republic (Imran)
    A(Ber) H
    A(Ham)-Den (move fails)

    Federation (Defiant)
    1.A-Kra > Sil
    2.A-War > Pru
    3.A-GDA S A-War > Pru
    4.A-Lat COL ESt
    5.A-Mos S A-Crp > Vol
    6.A-CRP > Vol

    Laguzans (SnowFire)
    A Sau->Orb
    A Orb->Ank
    A Ros COL Ros
    A Cau COL Cau
    A Geo COL Geo
    A Irn COL Aze
    F Ank->WBS
    F Isr->EME
    F Aeg S A Ist->Gre
    F Ion->Adr (move fails)
    A Ist->Gre
    A Izm COL Izm

    Universe of Allied Nations (WarVoid)
    F Eng Col Pic
    A Bri > Par (move fails)
    A Pic Support A Bri > Par
    A Als Col Als

    Centurians (Chaz)
    A-PAR s A-BOR (support cut)
    A-BEL>ALS (move fails)
    A-HOL Colonizes RUH (colonization attempt fails)

    Hodadian Federation (Mao)
    A Gor-Vol (move fails, unit dislodged, retreats to ORB)

    Foundation (Midshipman)
    A Bos - Cro (move fails)
    F Adr S A Bos-Cro (support cut)
    A Hun Col Hun
    A Alb - Gre (move fails)
    A Rum - Bul
    A Mol - Rum
    A Don - Sev

    Protectors (Victor G)
    A Lyo Col Auv
    A Mar-Auv
    A ORB-Gib (move fails)
    A Pru-ORB
    A Bar Col Bar
    F WMed S A Bar
    F GoL S A Bar
    F Lig-Tys
    A ORB-Ice
    A Ven S (Iain's) A Cro

    Tiara (Barbarossa)
    A Mad-Bar (move fails)
    A Nav S Mad-Bar
    A And H
    A Colonize Gib

    Something Hard to Spell (Coug)
    Fin COL Lap (colonization effort fails)
    Mur - Gor
    Stp S Mur - Gor
    Den - Ham (move fails)
    Swe - Bal

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    I moved to WBS, not EBS...
    All syllogisms have three parts.
    Therefore this is not a syllogism.