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Dip 21 Fall 2010 Results

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  • Dip 21 Fall 2010 Results

    builds/disbands/retreats due Tuesday

    Spain (hacksaw) (1 build)
    F Mao-Nao
    A auv-S A par
    A bar- convoyed to mar
    F sao-por
    F gol-convoy a Bar-mar
    F lig-S a pie
    A Pie-S A swi
    A lyo-S A Swi
    A par-S A lyo
    A swi-S a eygptian A mil-Aus (invalid support)

    Russia (dan.te) (2 builds)
    F: IST - IZM (move fails)
    F: WBS - IST (move fails)
    F: EBS - SEV
    A: ARM supporting A: IRN - ADA
    A: IRN - ADA (move fails)
    F: CAS - IRN (move fails)
    A: GEO - ANK
    A: KRA - WAR
    A: BER supporting A: (germany) FRA - HAM (invlaid support)
    A: STP - FIN (move fails)
    A: LAT - STP (move fails)
    A: URA - MUR (move fails)
    F: BHM supporting F: NOR - SWE
    F: NOR - SWE
    F: NWG - NTH (move fails, unit dislodged, can retreat to Cly, Ice, Arc, Lap, or Brn)
    F: ANK - EBS
    A: SER hold
    A: HUN supporting A: SER hold
    F: BUL supporting A: GRE hold
    A: GRE hold (unit dislodged and destroyed)

    Egypt (Defiant) (1 build)
    1.A-Irk S A-Syr > Ada
    2.A-Syr > Ada (move fails)
    3.A-Ana S F-Eme > Izm
    4.F-Eme > Izm
    5.F-Aeg S F-Eme > Izm
    6.F-Lbs > Eme
    7.F-Mal > Tys
    8.F-Rom S F-Mal > Tys
    9.A-Mac > grec
    10. A-Alb S A-Mac > Grec
    11.F-Ion S A-Mac > Grec
    12.A-Mil > Hold

    Germany (Mao) (0 usable builds)
    A Fra S A Mun (support cut)
    A Mun S A Fra
    A Cro-Aus (move fails)

    England (Polaris) (1 disband)
    A: Ham --> Fra (move fails)
    A: Ruh S A: Ham --> Fra
    A: Als H
    A: Pic S A: Als H
    F: Edi --> Nwg
    F: Nth S F: Edi --> Nwg
    F: Ska --> Nor
    F: Swe S F: Ska --> Nor (support cut, unit dislodged, can retreat to GoB or Bal)
    A: Fin S F: Mur (support cut)
    F: Den H

    Ukraine (Talon) (0 builds)
    A Lit->Bie

    France (0 builds)
    A Aus H