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    Hey all.

    After getting a lot of feedback, including a lot of pro-modern map e-mails what I've decided to do is that since the 13th person to sign up hasn't e-mailed me to give me an empire name and color prefs I'm going to start the came on the modern map with 12 people, which is exactly what I did last
    I'm going to be having turns be on a 4-day deadline (not counting weekends) and retreats/builds/disbands on a 2-day deadline (with extentions anytime anyone needs more time), so Spring 2001 orders are due at Wednesday at midnight EST.

    Some pointers:
    -I'd appreciate it if you CCed a copy of your press to me, this isn't required or anything but I'd like interesting e-mails appearing in my mail box every once in a while.
    -The order nomenclature to use is A Lon-ORB (for example) when you're beaming a unit up, A ORB-Lon when you're beaming a unit down, and A Lon COL Wal to colonize a space.
    -I don't let countries go into civil disorder. This means that if you're more than a few days late I get you replaced (but I'll be lenient and wait a while before doing so).
    -This first turn, where everyone drops all three of their armies, is by far the most vital turn of the game and really sets the scene for the game. I don't want things to be unbalanced by having people screw up badly in the first turn and destroy their position so I'll give some pointers. 1. Its probably a good idea to broadcast your landing position to everyone ahead of time so we don't have three people all trying to land in spain like last time. 2. Its probably not a good idea to separate your units out far enough so that they can't military support each other fairly quickly fairly full map like this one (although having them land RIGHT next to each other might slow down your growth marginally). 3. The ideal landing position is to have all of your units land in an SC and have there be nuetral SCs next to each of them. 4. Corner positions are good as always, if you can get them. 5. Last game a lot more people tried to get western europe so that people in the east had a lot more breathing room, if a trend like this seems to be developing its a good idea to take advantage of it. 5. Keep in mind that the game starts out VERY army-heavy so keep that in mind. 6. Remember that for the second year you can beam your armies up in the spring and beam them down in the fall to grab a nicy shiny new SC. 7. Supporting units that are beaming down can dislodge unsupported units, this can be very helpful. 8. Its a damn good idea to colonize as much as possible so people can beam down in your territory. Hmmmm that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    Player roster (might not get the colors perfectly right, I'm a bit color blind and you also might not have the color you wanted since green was very popular):
    -Bartokian Collective, Scott Horn, light blue

    -Red Force, Jim Mottram, red

    -The Anaerobe Alliance, Anothy J. FitzGerald, grey

    -The Vogons, Suzanne Castagne, turquoise

    -The Daddylonglegs from Mars, Hercules, straw
    -Borg, Kurt Sharp, green
    -Soong's Synthetic Sentients, Mike Ribeiro, yellow
    -House Harkonnen, kundor, orange
    -Empire of the Formidable Yeast Lifeforms, Michael O'Neill, purple
    -House Mannixia, Samuel Flagg, light green
    -Fireflies, Iain Lindley, dark blue
    -The Hive, Thucydides, brown
    Stop Quoting Ben