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Dip 66: Lion In The North Diplomacy Autumn 1310 Results - EOG

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  • Dip 66: Lion In The North Diplomacy Autumn 1310 Results - EOG

    Dip 66: Lion In The North Diplomacy Autumn 1310 Results - EOG

    Congratulations to Orange who takes the solo with Clan Macleod, a well-played game. Thanks also to everyone who has played in the game, I hope you enjoyed it and sorry it got a bit slow towards the end there. As this was the first playtest of the variant, I would really appreciate any comments you might have on any aspects of the game that could improve, as well as your normal EOG. And I hope you all return for a re-match soon.


    MACLEOD - Orange (orange)
    F-N.Sea Central > Gow (ok)
    A-Spe S F-N.Sea Central > Gow (ok)
    A-Bra > Mon (ok)
    F-Abd S A-Bra > Mon (ok)
    A-Cal > Bra (ok)
    F-Wic > N.Sea Buchan (ok)
    F-N.Sea Buchan > N.Sea Central (ok)
    A-Thu > Wic (ok)
    A-Dor H (ok)
    F-Little Minch > Cuillin Sound (ok)
    A-Gar > Coe (ok)
    A-Coe > Crl (ok)
    A-Tyn S A-Coe > Crl (ok)
    A-Loc S A-Coe > Crl (ok)
    F-Sao > Der (ok)
    F-Oba > Sao (ok)

    MACGREGOR - Ruffhaus8 (purple)
    F-Moray Firth > Inv (ok)

    CAMPBELL - Victor Galis (blue)
    F-Solway Firth S A-Ann (ok)
    All other units cower in fear:
    F-N. Channel H (ok)
    A-Uls H (ok)
    A-Kin H (ok)
    A-Lom H (ok)
    A-Sti H (ok)
    A-Pen H (ok)
    A-Ann H (ok)

    ENGLAND - Defiant (green)
    A-Cls S A-Lld (ok)
    A-Lld S A-Had (ok)
    A-Had S A-Lld (ok)
    F-N.Sea Farne S A-Had (ok)

    GORDON - Civil disorder, formerly Jonny Sinclair (grey)
    A-Tay H (ok)
    A-Gow H (*Dislodged, DESTROYED*)
    A-Per H (ok)
    F-Dun H (ok)
    A-Mon H (*dislodged, DESTROYED*)

    FRASER - Chazzy (yellow)
    NMR!!!!!! All units Hold
    A-Ran H (ok)
    A-Nes H (ok)

    SUTHERLAND - Charger (turquoise)
    Eliminated in 1307

    MACDONALD El Awrence (red)
    Eliminated in 1303

    To follow

    TOTAL SCs: 38
    SCs needed for solo: 19
    Home SCs in CAPS

    MACLEOD (orange)
    19 SCs
    LEW, ULL, STF, Sky(MacDonald), Eil(MacDonald), Loc(MacDonald), Wic(Sutherland), Wra(Sutherland), Dor(Sutherland), Cal(Gordon), Abd(Gordon), Mon(Gordon), Tyn, StA, Mul, Coll, Har, Lol, Ban

    CAMPBELL (Victor Galis)
    8 SCs
    STR, CAR, DUM, Sti(MacGregor), Uls, Dfs, Ann, Kin

    ENGLAND (Defiant)
    4 SCs
    CLS, JED, NEW, Ber

    GORDON (Jonny Sinclair)
    3 SCs
    Dun(MacGregor), Edi(MacGregor), Per

    FRASER (Chazzy)
    3 SCs

    MACGREGOR (Ruffhaus8)
    1 SC


    The Orange One
    icq: NONE

    icq: 46172786

    Victor Galis
    icq: 47756253

    icq: 91875872

    icq: 63418710


    Jonny Sinclair
    "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"

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    "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"


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      England's EOG:
      First of all, congratulations to Orange on a well played and well deserved solo. And thanks to Orange1 for being an excellent host and letting us try this new variant.
      Now if I can remember, England's plan was kind of simple, either allie with Ruffhaus or Victor and since Victor and I really never had a decent relationship I asked Ruff for an alliance and he said if I did certain moves he would help. Yea Right. Not only did I piss off Victor because we had a pseudo relationship going in the game but Ruff didn't do what he said and now he came after me also, along with Victor. Now, defensive battle again and I was trying as hard as I could to get Sinclair to jump all over Ruff along with Chazzy but Chazzy had problems of his own and Sinclair wouldn't budge until I was in no position to take anything back from Victor or Ruffhaus.
      Seeing the errors of our ways, Ruffhaus and I tried a last ditch alliance to survive but to no avail, he went and with him any chance I had to stop Orange.
      Now that I know this map, I would like to try again and taking a southern defensive position is not all that it is cracked up to be.
      Thanks everybody for playing.
      Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

      (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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        What a wonderful birthday present

        First of all I'd like to thank the GM for a well run, governed, and executed game, especially for a trial run at a new variant. I think this variant is very well balanced, and has a very real 'rise and fall of clans' feel to it. As most of you remember, my small clan was on the verge of extinction early in this game, and Gordon and Campbell were looking at a nice split of the map.

        That brings me to the next thing I want to say. It's no secret that I got an absolutely HUGE assist from NMRs and drop outs in this game. I'm not going to pretend that I won this with Diplomacy and tactics alone, though it would be nice to say that. Not only did my first enemy (MacDonald) drop out right when I was on the verge of being crushed, but then my second enemy (Sutherland) started NMRing left and right. This allowed my clan to get a second wind, and while a three way dance happened in the south, and Gordon kept Frazer occupied on a front I started grabbing centres, sometimes getting 3 builds a year.

        My original strategy was to ally with Sutherland, and push south into MacDonald. However, Sutherland changed his mind (and in my mind...not very wisely) and decided to aid the crippled MacDonald. When they actually got to a point at which they could crush me, both clans made moves which bounced, allowing me a build and an open centre. My fleet builds were on purpose, as I figured any chance of survival was going to depend on me taking MacDonald from behind and surging back up the coast using convoys. Because of this, I set up a non aggression pact with Fraser (he had his own problems by this point, anyway) and shortly after MacDonald dropped out (probably somewhat helped by the frustration of missing such a great opportunity)

        After this I convinced Sutherland to turn around, and it worked for about a year. Then he stabbed, rather fruitlessly, and sealed his fate. A few NMRs later, he was gone, and I controlled the north.

        Now my decision was whether or not to turn on Fraser, or to work with one of the dominant powers at the time (Campbell and Gordon). I chose Campbell, but kept my fleet presence strong to deter any stabs. This worked for a little while, but I realized I could grab a centre or two from him and still 'force' his alliance with me. However, he tried for an alliance with Gordon, was stabbed, and spent the rest of the game without allies defending his homeland.

        Once Gordon stabbed MacGregor, I had a mess of allies looking to destroy Gordon, and thanks to some good suggestions from Ruffhaus, my victory was sped up by at least 2 years (the convoy move was his idea, and a brilliant one...something that I think continues to make Ruffhaus one of the greats)

        I thank Ruffhaus, Defiant, and Chazzy for sticking by me through Gordon's bitter end (even if it was helped by NMRs...anyone know where he is???)

        I wish more nations had stayed in the game, because it was a very interesting map and I enjoyed playing it. I'd definitely play in another game, if offered in the future.


        (btw...I have something to come...will post about it later)
        "Chegitz, still angry about the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991?
        You provide no source. You PROVIDE NOTHING! And yet you want to destroy capitalism.. you criminal..." - Fez

        "I was hoping for a Communist utopia that would last forever." - Imran Siddiqui


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          I don't know why, but ever since that first game with orange I've never been able to trust him at all, and being so neatly stowed between me and Sutherland he was close and to let him live was going to be a rather large thorn in my back, eventually. My original idea had been to steamroll MacLeod and then turn on Sutherland with Fraser.

          It was going well, but Sutherland started icking about and screwing carefully laid out plans because he was too greedy. Oh woe is me, that misorder was as good as a stab. From there it was downhill, my pride didn't allow me to even try to negotiate with Sutherland anymore (curse his bones), plus real life kicked in and it was the demise of MacDonald.



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            Orange _1, thanks for a well run game despite NMRs and replacements. This is a perfect example of how a game should be handled under such circumstances. Sure it's a different game if Larry and Charger don't NMR, but orange deserves credit for making their positions so miserable that they wouldn't continue.

            I like the variant (and would like to play it again), but didn't get to play enough to comment on the design really because of the recent Apolyton style of pile on RUFFHAUS and pile on the guy in the middle. I was a non factor from the beginning until the very end when I finally found an Apolyton player that was willing to accept a janisary, and I was rewarded with survival and my master's victory. It's sad that all I had to play for was this, but sometimes a game goes that way.

            Interesting note from England. Defiant admits without provocation that he was two timing me with Victor/ Clan Campbell, (which I learned of), but blames me for not following through on promises to attack Campbell. Gee, I wonder why?

            After Victor made a limp d!ck one center stab on me, I resolved issues with Defiant and we defeated Victor's push in the south, ruining Campbell's chance at victory. Another small accomplishment.

            I thought I still had a chance to finish respectably with Gordon as an ally, but he too limpdi!ked me for ONE supply center even though I had been his faithful ally all game. Really stupid move on Gordon's part because I had just enough units to whore myself to MacLeod, who was steamrolling everyone.

            I admire MacLeod's commitments to Cambell all game, and he was able to solo without stabiing his friend. MacLeod also honored his deals with me and Fraser, and again shows why he played a great game. Textbook Dip here. Demoralize the opoosition and roll over them. Hell he had nearly the entire borad allied with him while he's soloing.

            That said I think the solo could have been averted had Campbell and Gordon played well. I think their poor tactical decisions, poor diplomacy, and late game apathy paved the way for MacLeod, who wasn't complaining.

            All hail Robert the Orange, the KING of Scotland!
            What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.


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              King Ruffhaus,
              I had a pseudo relationship with Victor because I was in alliance with YOU, I stabbed Victor and you didn't and it was pile on the Pollack from there, until we got our **** together. Doesn't matter anyway, now.
              Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

              (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell