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ACS Dip 65: Medieval Diplomacy Winter 1002 Orders

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  • ACS Dip 65: Medieval Diplomacy Winter 1002 Orders

    My apologies for the delay in posting these, but unlike most of you, I worked through my spring break... and some people didn't even get their things in. Focus, people, focus!



    DENMARK [orange]

    BUILD A Nor

    ENGLAND [Charger]

    BUILD F Yor

    MUSLIM ARABS [Defiant]

    By rule, F Sao is disbanded

    POLAND [Gerwald]

    BUILD A War


    BUILD F Bar

    SWEDEN & FINLAND [Chris Wilkinson]

    By rule, F Gob is disbanded

    For those of you curious as to just how I determined the required disbands for our two slackers... disbands are determined by the GM, according to a set convention, if disbands are not received by the deadline. The farthest unit from a controlled SC (not necessarily your home ones) is disbanded. If there is more than one unit that is equidistant from a controlled SC, fleets are disbanded before armies. If all the units equidistant from the controlled SCs are of the same type, the one in the territory that comes first lexicographically (in alphabetical order) is disbanded first.

    In Defiant's case, he had two fleets that were equally far from his SCs in Sao and Wme. The fleet in Sao was disbanded because (obviously) S comes before W in the alphabet. In Chris' case, F Gob was his only unit that was not in a SC (and, in all likelihood, the one he would've disbanded had he BOTHERED TO GET THEM IN).

    Since it's been so long since we had a decent turn, I'm going to give you guys until April 8th (that's next Monday) to get Spring moves in. I will not wait as long to adjudicate this time and I will send Deputy Sheriff Orange after any stragglers, so don't be late.
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    The Poles need a colorful map, please.


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      Map: (copy and paste URL into new browser window)
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