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ADCT01 Game C, Spring 1910 Moves

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  • ADCT01 Game C, Spring 1910 Moves

    Greetings all. The Tsar recently gave birth to a new descendent to the throne, and all Europe stopped their activities for awhile to celebrate. Then they started again. The Mediterranean continues to shift a bit, but elsewhere, only careful manuvering is going on...

    If for some reason you'd like to retreat OTB, EA, then post so here.

    Fall moves are due Friday.

    Edit: And these moves came out funny. Oh well, just read 'em off the website, they look fine there.
    Spring 1910
    Austria (RUFFHAUS)<br>
    A Munich supports Russian A Silesia - Berlin (*void*)<br>
    A Bohemia supports Munich - hold <br>
    A Tyrolia supports Munich - hold <br>
    A Piedmont supports French A Ruhr - Kiel (*void*)<br>
    A Venice supports A Piedmont - hold <br>
    F Tuscany - Gulf of Lyon (*bounce*)<br>
    F Rome - Tyrhennian Sea <br>
    F Naples supports F Rome - Tyrhennian Sea <br>
    F Ionian Sea - Tunis (*bounce*)<br>
    A Apulia - Rome <br>
    A Budapest - Galicia <br>
    A Rumania supports A Budapest - Galicia <br>
    A Armenia - hold
    England (Reismark)<br>
    A Edinburgh-Denmark<br>
    F North Sea CONVOY A Edinburgh-Denmark<br>
    F Barents Sea-Norwegian Sea<br>
    F Gulf of Bothnia-Livonia<br>
    F St. Petersburg SUPPORT F Gulf of Bothnia-Livonia<br>
    F Norway SUPPORT F St. Petersburg<br>
    A Kiel SUPPORT French A Burgundy-Munich <br>
    A Berlin SUPPORT French A Burgundy-Munich <br>
    F Baltic Sea SUPPORT A Berlin
    France (El Awrence)<br>
    A Bur > Mun (*bounce*)<br>
    A Ruh S A Bur > Mun<br>
    A Par > Bur (*bounce*)<br>
    A Mar H<br>
    A Hol H<br>
    F Lyo S F Tyn (*cut*)<br>
    F Tyn H (*dislodged, retreat to: WMe, OTB*)<br>
    F Tun S F Tyn (*cut*)
    Russia (Chazzy)<br>
    A-SIL S Aust. A-MUN<br>
    A-MOS HOLD<br>
    All syllogisms have three parts.
    Therefore this is not a syllogism.

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    The map shows Austria-Hungary with an A Aplulia, which moved to Rome, and no A Venice, which supported Piedmont last turn. Thanks.
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