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ADCT01 Game C, Fall 1902 Moves

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  • ADCT01 Game C, Fall 1902 Moves

    An interesting turn this was. France came quite close to having every single one of its moves bounce, but narrowly averted that fate. Turkey, Italy, and Austria did not, though in Austria's case it seems intentional. Meanwhile, Russia has second-thoughts about the good old Norway-Sweden swap, but Britain says a deal is a deal and politely enforces it.

    Fall 1902

    Turkey (Taurus) (-Bul, -Rum) (1 disband)
    1) A Ank to Smy. (*bounce*)
    2) A Arm to Sev. (*bounce*) 2:2
    3) F Bla supp A Arm to Sev.
    4) A Con to Bul. (*bounce*)

    Austria (RUFFHAUS) (+Bul) (1 build)
    F Greece supports A Bulgaria - hold
    A Bulgaria - hold
    A Serbia - Trieste (*bounce*)
    A Budapest - Trieste (*bounce*)
    A Galicia - hold

    Italy (His Divine Shadow)
    F Western Med. to Mid Atlantic Ocean (*bounce*)
    F Tyr. Sea to Western Med. (*bounce*)
    A Piedmont supports Venice
    A Venice supports Piedmon

    Russia (Chazzy) (+Rum, -Swe, +Nwy) (1 build)
    A-SYR>SMY (*bounce*)
    F-NOR>SWE (*bounce*) 1:2

    England (Reismark) (-Nwy, +Swe, +Den) (1 build)
    F Skagerrak Sea-Sweden
    A Denmark SUPPORT F Skagerrak Sea-Sweden
    F North Sea SUPPORT French A Picardy-Belgium
    F English Channel SUPPORT F North Sea

    France (El Awrence/El Hogfather/The Hogfather/Dr. Strangelove/Something else I'm forgetting) (+Bel) (1 build)
    F Spa > Mao (*bounce*)
    F Lyo > Spa (*bounce*)
    A Pic > Bel
    A Par > Bur (*bounce*) 2:2
    A Mar SUPPORT A Par > Bur

    Germany (Coug) (-Bel) (1 disband)
    F Hel - Kie
    A Bel S A Mun - Bur (*cut, dislodged, retreat to: Hol, OTB*)
    A RuhS A Mun - Bur
    A Mun - Bur (*bounce*) 2:2
    A Ber - Mun (*bounce*)

    Power Ranking:
    Yes, I am a follower of the tradition of power rankings, carried on mostly by LS1 and Boshko in the past. In any case, after 2 years of play this have settled up enough to perhaps give a fair one. Hopefully this will not influence the game too much.

    1. Austria- With almost total rulership of the Balkans, Austria is in a good position no matter where he chooses to go. Turkey seems destined to fall, and furthermore, Austria is in excellent position to stab the Russians out of their territory should that ever become neccesary. In the meantime, it seems that special effort has been made to clear Trieste up for building this season... perhaps a bad sign for Italy should the Austrian navy start forming.

    2. England- England is in the enviable position of being able to choose his next conquests. Both a cleaning out of Scandanavia as well as the final extermination of Germany seem quite possible, if perhaps not at the same time. Not only that, but should France ever turn grumbly, England has a fleet in the English Channel already to keep his allies in line.

    3. Russia- Still striding strong, Russia is powerful, but not concentrated in one spot. This means that Russia has perhaps the greatest growth potential of any country in Europe right now, with Turkey, Scandanavia, and Germany beckoning, but also makes Russia quite vulnerable. In the north, for instance, Russia only has one fleet to currently 3 and probably 4 after Winter builds English units.

    If Russia can secure her Scandanavian holdings and finish the conquest of Turkey with a good share of the spoils, things look very bright indeed.

    4. France- Like Russia, except a little less optomistic. France is involved in a two-front war, and if France can ever properly concnetrate on one side to break through the defenses, then things will be bright. But England's fleets, not France's armies, hold the key to breaking through the Benelux gridlock, as shown this turn, so the most likely source of French builds will only be at England's pleasure.

    5. Italy- Things seem to have stagnated a bit. If Austria does not stab, then Italy has a war against France that is going nowhere fast for both sides. If Austria stabs, well, let's not talk about that. But there is definitely still hope- should England turn on France and Austria head north, SCs shall soon start pouring into the patient Italian hands.

    6. Germany- Like Turkey, there's not much left for Germany to do but sit and huddle in the homeland and curse Army Berlin for being so useless the past two seasons. Germany had best hope that Turkey, England, and/or Austria keep Russia occupied, and that the Anglo-French alliance disintegrates.

    7. Turkey- perhaps Turkey can offer their services to Austria or Russia against the other? That seems its only hope as it stands, since as defensible as the mainland of Turkey is, it's not going to stand against two superpowers.

    Builds are due Saturday, which is not long from now, so please get them in.
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