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Dip 55 Hagakure Diplomacy Spring 1571 Results

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  • Dip 55 Hagakure Diplomacy Spring 1571 Results

    Dip 55 Hagakure Diplomacy Spring 1571 Results

    New units on the map and things are hotting up now. The Suo Sea continues to be a sticking point, while Oda takes advantage in Kii.Further north, and Hojo and Takeda combined against Uesugi, but to no avail. Only one neutral unit remains, but there are still a few empty SCs yet to be taken.

    "One cannot accomplish things simply with cleverness. One must take a broad view. It will not do to make rash judgments concerning good and evil. However, one should not be sluggish. It is said that one is not truly a samurai if he does not make his decisions quickly and break right through to completion".
    ----------------Tsunetomo, Yamamoto "Hagakure, Book of the Samurai"


    Mori - Dr. Tzuri (light blue)
    F-Nagato > SUO SEA (*bounce*)
    A-Bingo SUPPORTS A-Iwami > Izumo (ok)
    A-Iwami > Izumo (ok)

    Shimazu - Ruffhaus8 (light green)
    F-Chickugo > Hizen (ok)
    F-EAST CHINA SEA SUPPORTS F-Chickugo > Hizen (ok)
    F-Osumi > Hyuga (ok)

    Takeda - Midian (dark green)
    A-N. Shinano > Echigo (*bounce*)
    A-Kai SUPPORTS Hojo A-Musashi (ok)
    A-S. Shinano > N. Shinano (*bounce*)
    A-Totomi > Seruga (ok)

    Chosokabe - MDR (light purple)
    F-Tosa > KII STRAIT (ok)
    F-Kii > OSAKA BAY (ok)
    F-Iyo > SUO SEA (*bounce*)

    Hojo - Defiant (dark purple)
    F-Kazusa > NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN (ok)
    A-Sagami > Shimosa (ok)
    F-Izu > Sagami (ok)
    A-Musashi SUPPORTS Takeda A-N.Shinano > Echigo (ok)

    Uesugi - El Awrence (dark blue)
    A-Mutsu > Shimotsuke (ok)
    A-Kozuke SUPPORTS A-Echigo (ok)
    F-Noto > TOYAMA BAY (ok)
    A-Echigo HOLD (ok)

    Oda - His Divine Shadow (red)
    F-Mikawa SUPPORTS A-Owari > Mino (ok)
    A-Owari > Mino (ok)
    A-Yamato > Kii (ok)

    Asakura - Snowfire (yellow)
    F-Inaba > WAKASA BAY (ok)
    A-Settsu > Kawachi (ok)
    A-Omi > Yamashiro (*bounce*)
    A-Echizen > Tamba (ok)

    Map is at:

    No retreats necessary, so straight onto Autumn 1571. Moves are due Sunday 24 June at 1159 GMT.


    GM: The Orange One
    email: <>
    icq: 109943271

    Shimazu: Ruffhaus
    email: <>
    icq: 63418710

    Uesugi: El Awrence
    email: <>
    icq: 102139615

    Asakura: Snowfire
    email: <> [email]
    icq: 35476699

    Oda: His Divine Shadow
    email: <>
    icq: NONE

    Hojo: Defiant
    email: <>
    icq: 46172786

    Mori: Dr. Tzuri
    email: <>
    icq: 92505026

    Takeda: Midian
    email: <>
    icq: ??????

    Chosokabe: MDR
    email: <>
    icq: NONE
    "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"

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    Ha! Now that the fool Chosokabe has been driven from the shores of the Kanto, the wrath of Heaven shall descend upon the degenerate Takeda, who are so busy laying with their horses to stop the rampant Clan interbreeding they are notorious for that they cannot even seize one province without needing the aid of the Hojo, whose gekokujo-practicing commanders are too busy slurping on opium pipes to realize that their time is long come and gone. At the rate those drag queens are going, their peasants will be feasting on Uesugi rice by the next moon! They'll be the mockery of all Japan in no time, and their ancestors will weep tears of shame at their loss of honor. A fitting end for incompetents trying to be sei'i-tai-shogun!
    His Divine Shadow

    "Do you know what 'nemesis' means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified, in this case, by a horrible c**t: me." - Bricktop, _Snatch_


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      We'll see about that. And you can't hold Kii without help. It won't be long before I've got fleets sitting off your coast, HDS. BTW, thanks for keeping the peasants repressed. It'll make transfer of power so much easier.
      "I kick a$$ for the Lord!"
      -- Father McGruder, Peter Jackson's _Dead Alive_


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        ARGH, somebody's messengers now need to commit seppuku. This happened in Game A too, my ICQ must be cursed or something.

        Orange, did you recieve the latest moves I sent you? If not, that's okay, or I could send you my own ICQ log which would have a time stamp. It's not a HUGE issue, but if this is correctable, that'd be nice.

        Anyway, assuming the message went through, you'll note that the first moves I sent you were followed almost immediately with (the time stamp on my original moves is 6:20, on the second set 6:24):
        Moves change:
        F Inaba->Wakasa Bay
        A Settsu->Kawachi
        A Omi->Yamashiro
        A Echizen->Tamba
        All syllogisms have three parts.
        Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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          Snowfire, I never received the second set of orders and I gave you a couple of days before adjudicating. But, I'm happy to accept the reason this time. The orders have been modified above and the new map is at:

          To all players, please assume I have NOT recieved orders unless you recieve a confirmation message from me.
          "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"


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            I just sent my moves a second time. Let me know if you get them.
            "I kick a$$ for the Lord!"
            -- Father McGruder, Peter Jackson's _Dead Alive_


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              snet via pm


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                Rec'd yours MDR and yours El Awrence. Thankyou
                "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"