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  • San Andreas Dip - W1903

    Well, wasn't that fast? We're now at the end of our third year into the great Seismic challenge. And do you believe it is mere coincidence that while we've been playing the game, major earthquakes have struck El Salvador (three times), India, and Washington State? NO! These geological events bear witness to the awesome power and awe of San Andreas Diplomacy for this is truly the greatest game ever!

    Now it's time for the review. Austria has finally been given its eviction order off Europe and is now making a coastal garrison just across the street in Tunis. However, due to the present shape of Tunis' borders (which may very well change in the next seismic turn) it seems that the three countries with their eyes on Tunis will get none of its rewards--unless two of them ally against one. It'll be a great psychological game, brought to you by the Berbers! Meanwhile, Italy is using her seismic orders well to defend against the French invasion, while Germany seems to being oddly wrapped up by super-provinces such as Helgoland Bight, Silesia and Holland into a nice little nest. However, with the fall of Berlin, tensions have obviously arisen between England and Russia as the Muscovies rush to defend Sweden and possibly even mount an attack on Munich. But what does this build in Sevastopol mean? Will Russia stab his loyal ally to the south. The Black Sea is more critical than ever should a Russo-Turkish war erupt. And while we're on the subject of Turkey, what will he do? Italy's a tough nut to crack, and stabbing Russia would plunge Ankara into a long, deadly war.

    It's quite obvious that right now, most countries seem to be heading in one direction each, unable to push on the brakes. Predictions are that seismic orders this turn will dramatically alter the dynamics of the game and turn allies into enemies. But who knows? Again, this is the GM reminding you, seismic orders can be made for ANYWHERE on the map, not just your own provinces or the adjoining ones. Good luck, and brace for the next earthquake...whether that's on Earth or in San Andreas Diplomacy!

    Austria (Midshipman)
    Disband A Tyr, A Alb

    England (Ruffhaus)
    Build F Lon, A Edi

    France (Napoleon)
    No change

    Germany (SnowFire)
    Disband A Ruh

    Italy (Defiant)
    No change

    Russia (Victor Galis)
    Build A Sev, A War

    Turkey (WarVoid)
    Build F Con

    Map note: copy and paste link into address field

    Winter 1903 Seismic Orders due Saturday, March 3rd, 2001!
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    However, with the fall of Berlin

    This is news to me. I'm down, but not out! And Berlin stands...

    P.S. If anybody has a seismic move they don't need, they can order the mildly bizarre Ruh & Hel separate, Kie & Kie connect seismic order to lock the Ruhr up inside Kiel. Doesn't really change much (except make Kiel 1-coasted, big deal), but it is amusing!
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      Ok. Would the "rapid decline of Berlin" be more befitting?

      And on SnowFire's comment, why not also make Ruhr an island? Just order "Ruhr and Kiel separate, Helgoland Bight and Helgoland Bight connect."

      Or have Ruhr collapse completely into itself: "Ruhr and Ruhr separate, Ruhr and Ruhr connect." I'm not sure what that would do, but odds are that this might rid us all of that pesky province forever. No guarantees, however.
      The honorary duty of a human being
      is to love, I am human and nothing
      human can be alien to me.

      -Maya Angelou


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        The Ottoman Empire is shocked that God would insult us by stating that we would attack our glorious allies to the north!

        This is why we pray to Allah.


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          The Czar has ordered any military commanders that had suggested invading Turkey shot, as they are clearly enemies of the state. Now then... Russia resumes its westward expansion.
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