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Dip 23 Colonial 1890 (Spring)

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  • Dip 23 Colonial 1890 (Spring)

    Dip 23 Colonial 1890 (Spring)




    BRITAIN (Midshipman)

    F Syria - Angora (move fails 2v2)
    F Mediterranean Sea supports F Syria - Angora
    A Punjab - Delhi
    A Karachi - Rajputana
    A Nagpur - hold

    CHINA (Napoleon for Hodad/Dr. Strangelove/Hogfather)

    A Manchuria - Shanghai
    A Lanchung supports A Chunking - hold (VOID, NSO)
    A Chunking - Canton (move fails 1v3)
    A Yunnan - Mandalay (bounce 1v1 with Mandalay)
    A Upper Burma - Rangoon
    A Assam - Bengal
    A Kashmir - hold
    A Sinkiang - Kashgar

    FRANCE (Victor Galis)

    A Tonkin - Mandalay (bounce with Mandalay)
    A Canton supports A Mandalay - Yunnan (support cut)
    A Nanchung - Chunking (move fails 1v1)
    F South China Sea supports A Canton - hold
    F Hong Kong supports A Canton - hold
    A Rangoon - Bangkok (VOID, NSU)
    A Mandalay - Yunnan (bounce 1v1 with Yunnan)
    A North Siam supports A Tonkin - Mandalay
    F Gulf of Siam - Rangoon (illegal move)
    A Bangkok - hold*


    HOLLAND (SnowFire)

    F Middle Pacific Ocean supports F Luzon Sea - hold
    F Luzon Sea supports supports F Middle Pacific Ocean - hold
    F Cebu - Sulu Sea
    A Davao - hold
    F Sunda Sea supports F Malaya - hold
    F Malaya supports F Sunda Sea - hold
    A Sumatra - Hyderbad
    F Andaman Sea convoy A Sumatra - Hyderbad
    F Gulf of Manaar convoy A Sumatra - Hyderbad
    A Hyderbad - Bombay
    F Bombay - Arabian Sea
    F Mysore supports F Bombay - Arabian Sea

    JAPAN (Scott F)

    F Vladivostok - Sea of Okhotsk
    A Otaru - Vladivostok
    F Sea of Japan convoys A Otaru - Vladivostok
    F Seoul supports A Otaru - Vladivostok
    A Port Arthur - Manchuria
    A Peking supports A Port Arthur - Manchuria
    F Upper Pacific supports F Formosa - hold
    F Kyushu - East China Sea
    F Yellow Sea supports F Kyushu - East China Sea
    F Formosa supports F Kyushu - East China Sea
    A Kyoto - hold
    A Tokyo - Akita

    RUSSIA (Defiant)

    A Rumania supports F Odessa - hold
    F Odessa supports A Rumania - hold
    A Moscow - Baku
    A Tabriz - Armenia
    A Baghdad supports A A Tabriz - Armenia
    A Omsk - Akmolinsk

    TURKEY (Black Dragon)

    F Black Sea supports F Angora - hold
    F Angora - hold
    F Shiraz supports F Persia - hold
    F Persia supports F Shiraz - hold



    Okay guys, lets' check our orders carefully here. there were a few mishaps out there this time. Shockingly there are no retreats for 1890 (Summer). So the orders for 1892 (Fall) will be due Thursday February 15, 11:59 pm EST.

    As always, please check for accuracy. Thank you.


    ICQ: 63418710


    BRITAIN (Midshipman)
    No 76234340

    CHINA (Hodad aka Dr_Strangelove aka Hogfather)
    ICQ: 102139615

    FRANCE (Victor Galis)
    ICQ: 47756253

    HOLLAND (SnowFire)
    ICQ: 35476699

    JAPAN (Scott F)
    ICQ: 25802937

    OTTOMAN EMPIRE (Black Dragon)
    ICQ: 67599531

    RUSSIA (Defiant)
    ICQ: 46172786

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    Gentlemen, just a friendly reminder that the orders for the 1892 (Fall) turn are due tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:59 EST. Don't be late.


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      Ahem.... I have ONE set of orders for this turn folks. If you don't have a confirmation from me, then I don't have your orders. Less than 8 hours till deadline...


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        Those better be my orders...


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          Check your PM's. I'm sending this from the computer lab as I try and get in the durn thing on time...
          All syllogisms have three parts.
          Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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            Okay. Guys, in the future, please use the PM function only as a last resort to send orders. I really prefer e-mail or ICQ messages. If for some reason you are not getting a response from me (I always confirm orders) then you might try the PM.


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              I am back but I have no time to fix this until I get ICQ once more. Napoleon is in charge till then.