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  • Newbie fall 1901 resolution

    Better late then never (but better never late!)

    Here we go again. First a few words about NMRs: The deadline was initially saturday, the 27th, then sunday, the 28th, 6pm GMT. By that time I had recieved just three sets of moves: from Yoav, Taurus, WarVoid. I also had Defiantīs moves, but did not find them, since he had sent those to another mail account.
    The others were recieved in my mailbox early monday. Unfortunately I did not have the time on monday and tuesday to post anything. (there is a reason why I have the deadline always on a weekend, you know..)
    I will not have anyone NMR this time, because those moves were only about 12 hours past the deadline and that may be caused by some email problems. But it clearly shows that preliminary orders make sense. Next time no grace period.

    Ok, now the moves:

    Germany (WarVoid):

    F Hol - Hel
    A Pru - War
    A Sil S A Pru - War

    France (Yoav):

    MAO - Por
    Spa H
    Bur - Bel

    England (Taurus):

    Nwg C Edi - Nor.
    Edi - Nor.
    Nth - Den.

    Russia (Napoleon):

    (F MAO - Portugal (no such unit)
    (A Spain H (no such unit)
    (A Burgundy - Belgium (no such unit)

    Is it possible you mixed up you country assigment?

    the real units:
    (A War H (dislodged, must retreat to either Ukr, Mos, Lvn)
    F Bot H
    A Gal H
    (F Sev H (dislodged, no retreat, destoyed)

    Turkey (Siro):

    Bul s austrian F Bud-Rum
    A Arm-Sev
    F Bla s Turkish A Arm-Sev


    A bud - rum
    F tri Hold
    (A vie - gal)

    Italy (Defiant):
    A Ven - tyr
    A Apu - Ven
    F Ion - Tun
    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    builds/disbands (updated)

    Russia: disband 1
    Italy: build 1
    Turkey: build 2
    Austria: build 1
    France: build 3
    Germany: build 1
    England: build 2
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    the russian retreat is due tomorrow, thursday, 6 pm GMT!!!!
    please send in adjustment orders by friday, 2nd, 6pm GMT!!!!

    And no more NMRs, please!

    Ruff, could you update the map? Thanks a lot!
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    Why did I (England) get only 1 build?

    I deserve 2 builds because I conquered Norway and Denmark.

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      Germany gets 1, because he left Hol. He only picked up War.
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        Alright, as some of you know I have no computer access. I will be getting a computer this Friday so I will NOT drop out. The reason I submitted moves for France was because I was rushing and I sent in my Seismic moves. My apologies.

        Almighty and Resident God
        The more you know the more you realize you dont know. - Shep
        Almighty and Resident God
        The more you know the more you realize you dont know. - Shep


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          A War - Mos

          Almighty and Resident God
          The more you know the more you realize you dont know. - Shep
          Almighty and Resident God
          The more you know the more you realize you dont know. - Shep


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            Sahib and newbies, I've updated the map, but Geocities is acting up this evening. I'll try to get it out in the morning. Thanks for your patience.


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              Sorry for mixing up the builds for England and Germany. I did the adjustments on paper and got it wrong when I wrote the results into the comp.

              Napoleon, sorry, but I couldnīt wait any longer. I realized your mistakes yesterday morning and sent you a mail to check the moves again. I had hoped you still see it before the evening. Bad luck, I would say. Shall I postpone the game a bit to give you time to re-arrange your web access?


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                As promised, here is a web-based version of the Fall 1901 Map.


                Please check for accuracy, thanks.


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                  OK my builds are as follows:
                  Bre - A
                  Par - A
                  MAr - F


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                    Hi everyone!

                    Please remember to send in your builds. I will not post them tonight, so you still have time until tomorrow noon my time (Germany)

                    After that there will be no more grace periods!! Hurry!!

                    And, dear Yoav and all, you donīt have to post them here, you can send them by email. Some people prefer their builds not going public before the deadline.



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                      I just posted my builds here because I was too damn lazy for E-mailing them... I knew that'll screw me up but oh well...
                      Defiant: if you have a problem with what I've done let us talk peacefully... I see you are online on ICQ now... you want me to change this to an army unit? no prob. Contact me ok we'll talk.
                      Sahib: If I send another E-mail containing my builds that'll override these OK? thanks.


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                        Everyone ignore the builds I posted the real ones that count are the ones I am just about to send Sahib by E-mail.


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                          And another thing:
                          Remember that we are a week late now (tomorrow should have been the deadline for S02 moves) so please everyone send your orders as soon as you have them in mind so we will have no NMR's and will perhaps have the turn run earlier than planned.........


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                            I emailed my build to your common email, please list your email address you want the newbie moves going to so I can get it straight in my books. Thanks.
                            What the hell are you building a fleet in Mar for, I don't want to have to send the Italian Jauggernaut to the coast of France. Be advised, the Italians take a fleet build in Mar as a offensive hostile act against the peoples of Italy.
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                              My game email is:


                              Still I have not all builds