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ADCT: The Tournament of Champions F1902

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  • ADCT: The Tournament of Champions F1902

    Austria (Gibster) - 1 disband
    A Boh S A Tri-Vie
    A Tri-Vie
    A Bud-Ser (bounce; dislodged, retreat to Tri)
    F Alb-Gre (fail)

    England (Ruffhaus) - 1 disband
    F Edi-Nwg
    F Eng-Bre (bounce)
    F Nth-Nwy (fail)
    F Ska-Swe (fail)

    France (Chazzy) - no change
    F MAO-Bre (bounce)
    A Mar S A Bur
    A Bur S A Pic-Bel (broken)
    A Pic-Bel (fail)
    F Lyo H

    Germany (Berzerker) - 1 build
    A Den H
    F Hol S A Bel
    A Ruh S A Bel
    A Bel S A Mun-Bur (broken)
    A Mun-Bur (fail)

    Italy (Iain Lindley) - no change
    A Pie-Tyr
    F Tyn S F EMe-Ion
    F EMe-Ion
    A Tun H

    Russia (Defiant) - 1 build
    A Nwy S F Swe (broken)
    F Swe S (German) A Den (broken)
    A StP-Fin
    A Rum S A Gal-Bud
    A Gal-Bud
    A Vie S A Gal-Bud (dislodged; retreat to Gal)
    F Bla-Sev

    Turkey (Talon) - 1 build
    A Bul-Ser (bounce)
    A Gre S A Bul-Ser (broken)
    F Smy-EMe
    F Aeg S F Smy-EMe


    Winter Builds/Disbands due Wednesday, January 31, 2001
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