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  • Capitalist Diplomacy

    Played on any map, but the standard map would be good just to keep the game as simple as possible given the additional rules.

    Every center creates money:

    5 dollars = capitol
    3 dollars = home center
    2 dollars = foreign center

    Each turn (except the first), players will receive money for the centers they own. Money is then used to bribe units or pay player's units. Players MUST pay their own units at least 1 "dollar" per turn. Any amount may be used to bribe any units belonging to other players. Money not used is added to a bank account.

    The way this goes is as follows: everyone starts out with 10 dollars before any moves are made.
    After paying your military whatever salary you decide on, the rest of your money can be spent on bribing foreign units or saved for the future (or both).

    For a bribe to succeed, it must exceed the unit's salary. In addition to the owner's salary, other players may bribe unit's to follow the orders given by it's owner effectively increasing that unit's salary.
    If I pay my army in Warsaw to move to Galicia 2 dollars, and my ally bribes my Warsaw army with 2 dollars to move to Galicia, then my army is paid a salary of 4 dollars. Anyone bribing my army to follow a different order must exceed the 4 dollar salary. More than one player can bribe a unit - several enemies/allies can all bribe the same unit.

    No unit can be bribed to attack his owner. My army/fleet cannot attack, or support an attack on my armies/fleets including occupied centers or open centers in which a bounce with my units occurs.
    If a bribe fails to exceed a unit's salary, the bribe money is not lost, it goes back into the briber's bank account. But salaries are lost even when a unit accepts a bribe to disobey orders. All salaries are paid regardless of what the unit does. All failed bribes revert to the briber's bank account.

    Also, all adjustments are subject to bribery. If you want to build an army in one of your home centers, you will have to out bid your opponents. But instead of money being used, ballots are used - ballots equal to the tally of dollars for owned centers. If you have 14 dollars worth of centers, then you have 14 ballots which can be used to bid for your own builds/disbands, support allies' builds/disbands, or prevent enemies from building. Ballots can not be accumulated...

    I will GM this game, but I want to wait until after I am done with the WM Tourney. I expect to be free to do this in about a month and a half. If you're interested in playing, just post your name. No prefs will be considered until we get close to playing...
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    hehe.... I'm in....
    *grumbles about work*


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      *cracks knuckles*

      okay, count me in on this one...


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        No one wants to play Napoleonic Diplomacy... what a game with potential.
        Please Visit:

        And contribute if you can!


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          Count me in... after 6 weeks I'll probably understand the rules.