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    Sahib, if you like I will provide a web-based map for the game.


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      That would be great. Someone (you? ) would have to explain to me how to change that map. I am not very good with computers (at age 29, you know... old people have a hard time with new tech )


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        And it was done...

        Sahib, if you like I will update the map with each adjucation. If you would like to learn how to make maps, catch me on ICQ sometime, and I'd be happy to help.

        [This message has been edited by RUFFHAUS8 (edited January 15, 2001).]


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          Beautiful! Thanks, Ruff,

          and thanks too for your offer to teach me, IŽll meet you on ICQ


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            I know, I didn't use the edit map for the building of new units.... I'm not THAT stupid...
            Anyway I figured out myself what was the problem, it is all ok now. About posting the map you can simply use the Export BMP oprtion from RealPolitik, but you will need some webspace to host it.
            ....Or, I will be glad to help and make the maps myself.


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              Originally posted by Yoav on 01-17-2001 08:58 AM

              ....Or, I will be glad to help and make the maps myself.

              Can we TRUST you Yoav??? JK


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                Say, Sahib: Why isn't the game advancing?
                The orders were supposed to be sent yesterday, so I figured they should have been posted by now... hmmm
                Anyway please don't hold the game every time as we want the game to proceed... the two weeks period was too long anyway IMO ... thanks!