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  • Fever

    To all of my GMs... please, I ask for an extension on the next due moves, builds, etc.

    I have a fever of 102.9, I have no clue HOW it got so high.

    GMs, please post here when the moves should be due.
    Please Visit:

    And contribute if you can!

  • #2
    Fine. You have a two-day extension - San Andreas moves are due on 1/16. If you can't get them in before that, you'll be replaced. Sorry to be such an hard-ass about this, but this is yet another event in a chain of misfortunes that seems to be hitting you one after another. And it's seriously affecting almost every diplomacy game. I think you really should reconsider your Diplomacy hobby - it's obvious you don't appear to have God's graces in that area.

    Another reason why I'm giving you only 2 days is because this is the beginning of the game - Turkey is still a three-unit country, and a NMR would devastate the game. I won't let that happen.

    In any case, I hope you get well quickly. My best to the kids.
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