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  • ADC Player Rankings - November

    ADC Player Ranks, (Score), Last Activity

    Sergeant Major

    Boshko (51) Silent Dip V: GM and Mapmaker to finish +10pts.

    Master Sergeant

    Gunnery Sergeant

    Victor Galis (36) Silent Dip V: Italy to finish +5 pts.


    Defiant (29) Silent Dip V: Austria to elimination +3pts.
    RUFFHAUS8 (21) Dip 12: Ottoman Empire to draw victory as replacement +6 pts.

    Lance Corporal

    Snowfire (20) Silent Dip V: Russia to finish +5 pts.
    Mao (18) Silent Dip V: Turkey to finish +5 pts.
    Gibster (17) Mancunian Dip: France to elimination +3 pts.
    Chazzy (15) Alien Dip: Centurians to elimination +3 pts.
    Iain Lindley (14) Silent Dip V: France to solo victory +10 pts.
    Talon (12) Dip 20: NMR Fall 1873 [-1pt.]
    Du_Chateau (12) Dip 12: GM to finish as a replacement +5 pts.
    Bearcat/Barbarossa (11) Silent Dip V: England to elimination +3pts.
    Berzerker (11) Dip 12: CSA to finish as a replacement +4 pts.

    Private First Class

    Scott F (10) Apprentice Dip: Russia to solo victory +10 pts.
    dan.te (9) Dip 22: Italy to eliminations +3 pts.
    Gerwald (9) Dip 12 Japan to finish as replacement +4 pts.
    LordStone1(9) Dip 22: Iran to elimination as a replacement +2 points
    Midshipman (9) Silent Dip V: Germany to finish +5 pts.
    Shadowstrike (9) Apprentice Dip: Germany to finish +5 pts.
    Allod (8) Dip 12: Austria-Hungary to draw victory +8 pts.
    Kropotkin (5) Dip 20: Turkey to elimination +3 pts.HsFB (4) Apprentice Dip: France to finish +5 pts.
    Stefu (3) 20th Century: Russia to elimination +3 pts.
    Russmunki (2) Dip 22: Engliand to Elimination as replacement +2 pts.


    CyberGnu (0)
    Hans (0)
    Reismark (0)


    (Public Flogging)

    Polaris (-16) Carpe Diem/AMATSU Dip: Abandoned Games [-5 pts.each]
    Thucydides (-11) Mancunian Diplomacy: Abandoned Game [-5 pts.]

    (Holding Cell)

    Coug (-10) 1600 Dip: Anabdoned game as GM [-5pts.]
    Hacksaw (-10) Resigned from Dip 12, 20, 22, 20th for legitimate reasons [-2 pts. each]
    Imran Siddiqui (-8) Alien Dip: NMR Spring 2007 [-1pt.]
    Jason (-8) Dip 12: NMR Fall 1879 [-1pt]
    Zakhiago (-7) 20th Century: Abandoned Game [-5 pts.]
    Borodino (-6) Saxony: Abandoned Game [-5pts.]
    kent-jo (-6) 20th Century: Abandoned Game [-5 points]
    Luk (-6) Dip 22 Postmodern: Abandoned Winter 2003 [-5 pts.]
    Monolith (-6) 20th Century: Abandoned Game [-5 points]
    Komitet (-2) Saxony: NMR Winter1650, [-1 pt.]
    Black Dragon (-1) Civilization Dip: NMR Fall 3800 [-1pt.]
    Napoleon Bonaparte (-1) Apprentice Dip: NMR Fall 1906 [-1 pt.]
    Warvoid (-1) Mahem Dip: NMR Spring 2003 [-1 point]

    Promotion Scale

    Below 0 pts. Off to the brig with ye!
    0 pts. Recruit
    1-10 pts. Private First Class
    11-20 pts. Lance Corporal
    21-30 pts. Sergeant
    31-40 pts. Gunnery Sergeant
    41-50 pts. Master Sergeant
    51-70 pts. Sergeant Major
    71-90 pts. 2nd Lieutenant
    91-120 pts. 1st Lieutenant121-160 pts. Captain
    161-200 pts. Major
    201-250 pts. Lieutenant Colonel
    251-350 pts. Colonel
    351- 500 pts. Brigadeer General
    500 and up Field Marshall

    Levels of Punishment

    -1 to -10 pts. Holding Cell in the Brig
    -11 to -20 pts. Public Flogging (30 Lashes)
    -21 to -30 pts. Stockade and Hard Labor
    -31 to -40 pts. Solitary Confinment
    -41 pts. It's the Gallows for ye, Scumbag!

    How to earn/lose points:

    10 pts. - Diplomacy game played to solo victory
    8 pts. - Diplomacy game played to solo victory as a replacement player
    7 pts. - Diplomacy game played to a draw victory
    6 pts. - Diplomacy game played to a draw victory as a replacement player
    5 pts. - Diplomacy game played from start to finish
    4 pts. - Diplomacy game played to finish as a replacement player
    3 pts. - Diplomacy game played from start to elimination
    2 pts. - Diplomacy game played to elimination as a replacement player
    0 pts. Resigning from a game as GM or mapmaker, but replacing yourself with the good graces of GM (legitimate reasons)
    -1 pt. - NMR of any types (moves, orders, retreats, builds)
    -2 pts. Resigning from Diplomacy game,without replacing yourself with good graces of GM (legitimate reasons)
    -5 pts. Abandoning or being replaced by the GM from Diplomacy game


    10 pts. GM and make maps for a game from start to finish
    7 pts. GM a game from start to finish
    5 pts. GM a game to completion as replacement
    3 pts. Make maps for a game from start to finish
    2 pts. Make maps for a game to completion as replacement
    0 pts. Resigning from a game as GM or mapmaker, but replacing yourself
    -2 pts. Abandoning a game as a Mapmaker
    -5 pts. Abandoning a game as a GM

    Don't see your name above? Post here to enlist, or e-mail for enrollment. You can also post or contact me to request a credit or deduction of points. Point accumulation start day: June 1, 2000. Updated through November 25, 2000.

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    Okay, another month's list is out and there are several developments in the ranks. Please congratulate Mao for being promoted to Lance Corporal. Also please welcome Midshipman, who steps out of the Brig and is now a Private First Class. Somehow that metaphor just doesn't sit right...

    In other not so pleasant news, PFC Bearcat was sent back to basic training, and will now be know as Recruit Bearcat. Recruit Black Dragon will now do some time in the Brig. And Polaris is set to receive a Public Flogging on the heels of his abandonment of TWO Dip games as the GM.


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      Still nothing for Saxony Dip???
      Who wants DVDs? Good prices! I swear! :)


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        Ok, next time I get into a car accident and my fiance cancels the marriage, I'll let you know by my imaginary hospital phone. Wasn't my fault I abandoned those games (AND, I never got nearly all the orders for both anyways!).
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        And contribute if you can!


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          Any decisions ever made about WM?
          But I kick that ball, and I pray it goes straight,
          If it does, then Coach says, "Good job number eight."
          He doesn't even no my name is Andre Kristacovitchlalinski, Jr.
          But that's the life I live...Lonesome Kicker


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            Suggestion: Drop penalties for Polaris on those two games, and levy them for Civ and Colo dip which are now dieing again and again.
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              I found a replacement for those two games immediately, even knowing my troubles would take time.
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              And contribute if you can!


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                Yes, you did, Polaris. And you were not penalized for those. Unfortunately you completely ignored Carpe Diem and AMATSU. These gigs were not assign until after you had returned to ADC, and actually started another game while ignoring these. Sorry, but there might have been a lot more sympathy for your plight if you'd even ackowledged these abandoned games, or found replacement GMs on your own while you were going to be away. You've been back online for over a month since youre unfortunate incidents.


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                  I did. I appointed WarVoid for both when I came back.
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                  And contribute if you can!


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                    Don't I get 3 pts. for playing the Taira to elimination in Alien Dip?
                    [This message has been edited by Bearcat (edited November 11, 2000).]


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                      Okay, with the recent eliminated players from Alien Dip, and the completion of Dip 12 and Apprentice Dip, there are plety 'o points to be doled out. A few gigs too for some of the slightly less motivated.

                      Highlights: Boshko takes command of the Apolyton Brigade with his promotion to Master Seageant. Du_Chateau emerges from his self imposed exile, and quickly rises to Lance Coproral. Scott F takes the solo in Apprentic Dip, and I think we can officially stop referring to him as a newbie now.

                      Lowpoints: Once a rising star, Coug is one NMR away from a public flogging. And we see the demise of another once promising newbie, as Napoleon Bonaparte gets thrown in the brig.


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                        I think I'd like to get a point or two for temporarily GM'ing Dip12 in Du Chateau's absence. And no, Mao, you do not get points until your Holstein dynasty finally dies out. And they're not dying any faster now that you aren't turning in both your papal votes.
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                          If Du_Chateau agree to share some of his points with you for Dip 12, then I'm unopposed to it. It's not that your effort wasn't appreciated, but if we don't hold the line on this people will start subbing in and out for short periods of every game just for a few points.

                          Mao, I'm waiting for your GM to award your Saxony points. I've had my hand slapped on this once or twice already...


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                            I finished Mancunian to elimination as a replacement for Italy, so I might not deserve so many points (if you gave me 5 instead of 4).
                            All syllogisms have three parts.
                            Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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                              Noted, SnowFire. Thank you. It seems like we were all replacements in that game.